Sunday Video Love: The Epilogue

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Over the past couple weeks, I have playing Crosses' LP non-stop. Crosses is one of Chino Moreno's bands; I don't know how he finds the time to do vocals for Deftones (his main band) plus three other side projects, but each one has a distinct vibe and mood it wants to portray, like a glimpse into parts of Moreno's psyche, and they're beautiful. Whereas Deftones is harder, more alternative, more metal, something you'd listen to if you want something heavy or aggressive, Crosses is soothing, more ethereal, more dreamy. It's like electronic rock mixed with new wave, trip hop, and dream pop; something you'd listen to chill to. It's one of those records that you can play softly in the background to do errands to (like blogging or doing laundry), or really blast loudly to groove out or dance around to (like in the shower). As for me, this is my new favourite driving-at-night-with-the-windows-down song.
2 comments on "Sunday Video Love: The Epilogue"
  1. I like this one. I tried listening to their album on Apple Music and couldn't really get into it, but I'll probably give it another go later when I'm just puttering around the house rather than at work.

    1. That's fair, and there are definitely songs on the album that I like more than others (The Epilogue, Bitches Brew, Bermuda Locket, Telepathy, and Frontiers are my faves), but it's definitely more of a chilling-at-night kind of band. :)


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