Pick-Ups & Deliveries: May 2015

Friday, June 5, 2015
For whatever reason, May seemed to go by way faster than any other month in recent memory. Maybe it's because prom/grad/wedding season has begun and I've been so crazy busy with make-up appointments that it's all been a blur, but it's almost as if we went straight from April to June. Though judging from all the things I hauled, it seems like all I did in May was shop. For blush. A lot of fucking blush.

Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye Edition Blush Harmony in 001 Pink Sunrise and 002 Coral Sunset

Kat Von D Everlasting Face Shaper Blush in Bellisima, Por Vida, Love Song, and Heartagram

Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush in Rapture and Score

Okay, and a couple highlighters because apparently, I'm in a cheek phase right now. I'm not usually into Estée Lauder, but we all know my sick obsession with these liquid-powder hybrid formulas (e.g. MAC In Extreme Dimension, NARS Dual-Intensity, etc.), and when I saw the Illuminating Powder Gelée that they released for this year's Bronze Goddess collection, I had to snatch it up. It's a beautiful champagne with a hint of peach, and it's not too light which is just perfect for summer. Plus, I got the last one at my local counter, so it was meant to be. And then, of course, at one of my many trips to Sephora, I also picked up Laura Mercier's Indiscretion. Like Lauder, I'm not huge on Laura Mercier and I'm rarely intrigued by their products, but once in a while, they'll come out with a stand-out product that makes me stop in my tracks and swatch. And it's usually a highlighter. And this year's is Indiscretion, a gorgeous soft rosy apricot with gold shimmer. Of course, my local Sephora sold out of it on the first day that they launched the summer collection, so when I was downtown for afternoon tea a couple weeks ago and saw that the Bloor location still had five in stock, I immediately grabbed one.

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Illuminating Powder Gelée

Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powder in Indiscretion

Bobbi Brown was having their Friends & Family sale last month which entailed shoppers to 20% off everything, and Ebates was having 8% cash back on all purchases from the Bobbi Brown website, so you know I had to take advantage. I was never really into Bobbi Brown before (are you noticing a trend here?), but I've recently gotten more and more intrigued with her products, especially after Liz featured one of their gorgeous Brightening Bricks on her blog. Add that to my ever-growing lemming for her Shimmer Bricks (can you believe I didn't have one?), and next thing you know, I bought two of each. I figured I should get some lipstick, too, since it's what made Bobbi Brown famous, so I bought three neutral shades of her Rich Lip Color. Not really sure how this formula differs from the other ones, but it's supposed to be lightweight, full-coverage, and long-lasting with a smooth, moisturizing feel. Anyone try these before? How do they differ from her original range?

Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick in Coral and Cranberry

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in Nectar and Rose

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in 31 Uber Pink, 32 Uber Beige, and 33 Uber Nude

Speaking of Ebates, I got a nice fat paycheque from all the shopping I did last quarter, so obviously, I did what anyone would do... and spent it on nail polish. Even though they're typically more autumn/winter shades, I ordered all four polishes from A-England's new Rossetti's Goddess collection. Whereas only one or two shades from A-England's last few collections intrigued me, all the shades from Rossetti's Goddess were just screaming my name. Nail Polish Canada is offering all four shades for $40.50, which is like getting one shade for free, so I ordered the set. I also ordered all six shades of Essie's Summer 2015 collection (also being offered as a set for $45) 'cause I thought they'd be fun cream shades to layer with glitter, as well as a new bottle of Seche Vite and a bottle of Seche Restore because I want to thin out some of my older polishes that are getting too thick or chunky.

A-England Rossetti's Goddess Collection Nail Varnish in Proserpine, Captive Goddess, Jane Morris, and Incense Burner

Essie Summer 2015 Collection Nail Polish in Pret-a-Surfer, Salt Water Happy, Private Weekend, Chillato, Peach Side Babe, and Sunset Sneaks

Rainbow Honey hasn't piqued my interest in a while (since last summer, actually), but their new Patisserie collection for Spring was just too cute to resist. What actually made me check it out initially was their adorable limited edition French macaron hand soaps, which come individually wrapped in gift-worthy boxes. I picked up all six scents which came in a set for $18, plus two of the nail polishes (Cotton Candy Meringue and Gâteau de Citron) from the Patisserie collection, the infamous Heisenberg (their Breaking Bad-inspired polish that had been out of stock for ages) and Konpeito! (which reminded me of unicorns, so I had to have it). And as a gift, they gave me a bottle of Peachy Sangria (peach, gold, and champagne glitters) and Pâte de Pistaches (pale pistachio green cream) for free.

Rainbow Honey French Macaron Hand Soap in Petit Four, Rose Macaron, Orange Confites, Pâte de Pistaches, Tea Biscuit, and Gelée de Fraises

Rainbow Honey Nail Lacquer in Heisenberg, Cotton Candy Meringue, Konpeito!, Peachy Sangria, Gâteau de Citron, and Pâte de Pistaches

Since finishing both my Fresh and Clinique face scrubs this past week, I decided to go into Sephora to look at some new options. My friend Adrian who works at my local store recommended me the REN Micro Polish Cleanser, which also foams up into a delightful creamy lather that smells like orange Creamsicle. So I grabbed that and I also picked up a big bottle of Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum (which, coincidentally, also smells like orange Creamsicle) to use when my Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair runs out (I think my skin has gotten used to it so I'm not really seeing any differences with it anymore). Then last weekend, my friend Cynthia went to the Shiseido warehouse sale, and scored me some awesome deals: two tubes of my favourite Pureness Deep Cleansing Foam (for $16 each from $28), two bottles of Pureness Balancing Softener (for $16 each from $32), a jar of Pureness Moisturizing Gel-Cream (for $22 from $42), and a bottle of the discontinued White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum (for $80 from $140). Suffice it to say, I'm set for skincare for a long while, and am hereby on a skincare ban (which is way more do-able than, say, a blush ban).

REN Clean Skincare Micro Polish Cleanser and Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster

Shiseido Pureness Deep Cleansing Foam (x2), Pureness Balancing Softener Alcohol-Free (x2), Pureness Moisturizing Gel-Cream, and White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum

The Body Shop Shea Body Whip, Mango Body Whip, Satsuma Body Purée, and Pink Grapefruit Body Purée

Finally, I went into The Body Shop on a whim (and with time to kill while waiting for Viv to get off work), and they were having their "Buy 3, Get 3 Free" promotion. I've been looking for lighter weight body moisturizers since all those body butters that I stockpiled during the winter now feel super-thick and sticky. So I ended up getting three Body Whips and three Body Purées for half-price, and split the deal with Viv (four for me, two for her because I am way more anal about moisturizing than she is). And that's it. I swear.

What did y'all buy last month? Any good deals/steals? Anything I need to check out?
8 comments on "Pick-Ups & Deliveries: May 2015"
  1. I bought a f* ton of clothes last month, so this month I'm trying to cool it, although I am probably going to end up picking up all of the Dior polishes from the past few seasons that I talked myself out of buying when I was jobless (because they are all still in stock at Nordstrom, mother f*er) and some Toms sandals that I MUST have but are currently oos. I did buy three nail polishes last month because of beauty.com's sale, a gift card, and...lack of self control, LOL.

    That Shiseido White Lucent spot thing is THE best one I've tried so far. My bottle is almost gone, though, and I am having a hard time shelling out $120 for it when it's not GWP time, so I think I'll switch to something else. Not sure what yet.

    1. Oooh, which Dior polishes? I am trying to seriously cool it on make-up purchases this month because I went way overboard in April and May. I really should be buying more clothes and shoes because I feel like I don't often buy things for my wardrobe and it's now seriously lacking. But I hate trying shit on. :P

      I'm using the Shiseido White Lucent serum now. I'd been really curious about it but didn't want to spend the money on it, so when it was at the warehouse sale for $80, I had to grab it. Haven't seen a huge difference yet, but it's only been like a week. I've heard a ton of great things about it, though this formulation is now discontinued. So if I end up loving it, what shall I do?

    2. Dior Sunwashed and Lady, and Lippmann Flowers in Her Hair. I want Dior Sunkissed, Vibrato and Tralala next :P

    3. LOVE Flowers in Her Hair! :) But I'm a sucker for aqua shades. :P

      Dior Lady looks like a great nude shade that you'd use all the time!


    Haha, I'm so glad the tie-dyes didn't appeal to me. That was a dangerous collection for some people. And that Bobbi Brown in Cranberry would be my second pick as well. Tell me how it wears and maybe I'll track it down... :x

    And freaking LOVE that Rainbow Honey made a blue shade called Heisenberg. YES. Do they have a Jesse or Saul?

    1. The Dior collections haven't appealed to me in a while, but when those tie-dye blushes came out, I was like, "I. MUST. HAVE. THEM. NOW." The design, the colours, the texture... Love, love, love. :) And yes, will let you know about Cranberry. Hopefully, I'll have a review up sometime this month but I've been so busy recently that it's been hard to just sit down and blog. What can I say, food > blog. :P

      Haha, no, Rainbow Honey only made the one Breaking Bad-inspired polish, sadly. Wonder what shades they'd come out with if they did an entire collection, lol.

  3. i made some hug clothing/shoe hauls...three pairs of shoes, a 'leather' back pack from matt and nat, and some other items i can't even remember. OH yea from club monoco a perforated leather skirt. so in love with it.

    1. Ooh, sounds like you had a good haul. I really need to be buying more clothes and shoes rather than just make-up all the time. I justify wearing the same outfit everyday for like, a week, because I change my make-up looks frequently, lol.


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