Sunday Video Love: Absolution Calling

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Once upon a time, Incubus was my favourite band. The summer before Grade 8, I bought a copy of Make Yourself, which would become one of my favourite albums of all time and defined what kind of music I would listen to for years to come. (Brandon Boyd became my ultimate "celeb crush" and stayed that way pretty much throughout high school.) Of course, after A Crow Left of the Murder... came out in 2004, I had started losing interest. I changed a lot of my tastes in music by then (I was heavily into post-hardcore and "screamo" and more punk-based bands like Thursday and Alexisonfire, both of which I still love), and Incubus' newer, "evolved" sound didn't really appeal to me anymore. I didn't even bother picking up the two albums that were released after that — Incubus, as they were, fell off my radar. Thankfully, our tastes evolve, too, and we can appreciate things now that we had previously written off. So when it was announced that Incubus would be headlining Edgefest 2 this summer, it got me intrigued again. Like, what has this group — a band that I had loved so fiercely for years — been up to since that 2004 album? (A lot, as it turns out. Hiatuses were had, solo projects were explored, greatest hits albums were released, and Brandon Boyd even came out with two separate albums as a solo artist and with a side band.) Usually, if a band is going on tour, it's because they've released new music. And so they have. It's been four years since Incubus have come together to release new music, and it's completely different from the Incubus of yesteryear. But I've grown up and they've grown up, and I think I may just be ready to get to know them again.
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