Friday Five: Baby, It's Spring

Friday, May 8, 2015
Last week's Friday Five:
  1. How do you feel about the smell of babies? Completely indifferent. Also, I don't make a habit of getting near babies, so I don't really smell them on the regular. And if I do smell them, it's totally not by choice.

  2. Pretty much all animal babies are cute, but which are the cutest? I am a total sucker for bunnies. I don't think I've ever seen a non-cute bunny.

  3. Veggies are pretty good in their adult form, but put the word "baby" in front of some of their names, and they can be transcendent. Which baby veggies do you especially love? You know, I do quite enjoy baby corn.

  4. How cute a baby were you? I was fucking adorable.

  5. How many songs in your digital library have the word "baby" in their titles, and which is your favourite? 26; it's a toss-up between "Combat Baby" by Metric and "Beating Heart Baby" by Head Automatica.
4 comments on "Friday Five: Baby, It's Spring"
  1. Pretty sure we made up a song about baby corn when we were wee small, and im preeeetty sure we sang it along with some kind of hand clapping game.

    1. I'm also pretty sure about this. "Baby corn, baby corn, come out and play with me." Didn't make even a little bit of sense. Obviously, you made this up and I just went along with it.

  2. The next time we eat together and order something with baby corn, you're getting all of it. :x

    1. Lmaoooo, no problem, I love it. But I don't know when we're gonna order anything with baby corn in it, lol!


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