Sunday Video Love: FourFiveSeconds

Sunday, April 19, 2015

So I actually quite like this song, but just cannot stand the atrocities that are Rihanna and Kanye's vocals. (I literally cannot get through the original because my ears, they bleed.) Enter this cover, which I'm sure is how the song is meant to sound.
2 comments on "Sunday Video Love: FourFiveSeconds"
  1. Ahh, I just think this is not a well-written song. I actually listened to the full original on the radio the other day (I usually change the station because Rihanna's "slow song" voice is painful) and it's not good, lol.

    1. LOL, I totally agree, it's terribly written. Like, "four, five seconds from wildin'"? A four-year-old from The Bronx could have written a better song. BUTTTTT... I think the tune is catchy. :P


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