Dior Kingdom of Colors: Diorblush Vibrant Color Powder Blush in 536 Peach Splendor

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

For Spring 2015, Dior released a collection called Kingdom of Colors, which includes a total of 29 products. Kingdom of Colors sees the release of two new and limited edition shades of Diorblush Vibrant Color Powder Blush, which is described as "a unique formula that gives maximum expression to pigments! Its micronized powder texture blends seamlessly with the skin, leaving nothing but a veil of pure, evanescent, weightless color." I picked up the shade 536 Peach Splendor, which is the lighter of the two (I think the other colour, 873 Cherry Glory, is exclusive to certain retailers, so I didn't see it at the Hudson's Bay location that I bought mine at). It is housed in Dior's signature blue-black rectangular mirrored compact, and comes with a mini flat angled brush. The powder itself is embossed with "the personal crest of Christian Dior." Each blush comes with 7 grams of product, and retails for $46.

536 Peach Splendor

536 Peach Splendor

536 Peach Splendor is a light-medium warm pinked peach with soft golden sparkle. This is a new and limited edition shade. It has a soft, silky texture, and goes on smoothly and evenly. It has medium-high pigmentation and semi-opaque to opaque buildable colour pay-off. It can be layered and blended out easily. It is more peach and more sparkly than MAC Rosy Outlook, more pink and more sparkly than MAC Tenderling, darker and more peach than MAC Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish, more pink and more sparkly than NARS Sex Appeal, lighter and less gold than NARS Orgasm, warmer and more peach than Hourglass Ethereal, lighter and more pink than Hourglass Dim Infusion, and lighter than Too Faced Candy Glow.

There have been a lot of disappointing Dior blushes over the years, but Peach Splendor has a really soft, finely-milled texture that applies smoothly on the skin with good pigmentation that is easily buildable to full colour pay-off. The shade itself is definitely best for our fair friends if used as blush, but it actually makes for a fantastic highlighter on medium to dark skintones because it provides a beautiful soft illumination to the skin. However you choose to use it, it gives life back into dull winter skin and gives all complexions a fresh-faced glow, and what's more appropriate for a Spring collection?
6 comments on "Dior Kingdom of Colors: Diorblush Vibrant Color Powder Blush in 536 Peach Splendor"
  1. Yay, I'm so glad to hear that this one gets your seal of approval :-) The color sure is pretty.

    1. It is pretty! It's not by any means a must-have, because I do feel like there are a lot of shades out there that are similar, but the texture is nice and it is a lovely shade for Spring. :)

  2. Oooh, it is pretty! Prettier than I expected, actually, although a little light. But does it have to be so bulky? LOL. I'm super aware that I'm running out of space in my storage unit and I am trying to trim it all down, anyway. Something like this totally wouldn't help!

    1. It is on the light side, so it's not gonna be for everyone, but it does give that fresh-face glow. :) And yes, I agree, I wish they would take the brush out so the packaging would be less bulky. I mean, I think Dior does a lovely compact, but it's definitely not... sleek. :P

  3. Well, you know me and Dior. I don't know why their blushes don't entice me. They SHOULD. I'm broken, Denise. Fix me!

    1. LOL! A lot of their blushes don't entice me, either. Like, I have a couple from the permanent range, but I don't feel the need to HOARD. There are plenty of other blush formulas out there that perform better or have better colour ranges for the same or less amount of money (Becca, Hourglass, NARS, etc.). I only really look at Dior's LE blushes. :P


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