Addicted to Blush Tag

Monday, March 16, 2015
I was tagged by the lovely Liz to do this tag, because she knows that I am a blush fiend. So, here goes:

1. What colour blush suits you the most? Peach, and anything peach-toned.

MAC Blushes (from top, left to right): Ripe for Love (2013's Temperature Rising), Cream Soda (2013's Archie's Girls), Flatter Me (2013's Archie's Girls), Ripe Peach (2015's Toledo), Warm Soul, Seduced at Sea (2014's Alluring Aquatic), Sideshow You (2014's The Simpsons), Mighty Aphrodite (2011's Wonder Woman), Hipness (2010's To the Beach), and Ocean City (2014's Proenza Schouler)

Clockwise from left: Becca Wild Honey, Songbird, and Damselfly; Tarte Blissful and Glisten; Hourglass Diffused Heat; NARS Super Orgasm, Deep Throat, and Luster; Marc Jacobs Irresistible; Clinique Peach Pop and Ginger Pop

2. Pressed/cream/loose blush? Pressed, always. I might get into cream blush at some point (perhaps when I stop using powder foundation), but I really doubt I'd ever get into loose.

3. Favourite shimmery blush? Becca's Mineral Blush and MAC's Mineralize Blush.

Becca Mineral Blush in Flowerchild, Songbird, and Damselfly

MAC Mineralize Blush in New Romance, Love Joy, Gentle, Petal Power, and Warm Soul

4. Favourite matte blush? I think MAC does some great matte blushes, and so does TheBalm.

MAC Matte Blush in Prism, Melba, Eternal Sun, Peaches, Pinch Me, Whole Lotta Love, and Desert Rose

TheBalm InStain Blush in Lace, Swiss Dot, and Argyle

5. Favourite drugstore blush? Admittedly, I own a lot more high-end blushes than drugstore, but I do think Joe Fresh, Milani, Hard Candy, and NYX make great formulas and shades.

Joe Fresh Powder Blush in Melon, Rose, and Pink; Milani Baked Powder Blush in Dolce Pink, Rose D'Oro, and Corallina; Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush in Bombshell, Living Doll, and Honeymoon

NYX Powder Blushes

6. Favourite high-end blush? Right now, it's gotta be Becca's Mineral Blush.

Becca Mineral Blush in Songbird, Damselfly, Wild Honey, Sweetpea, and Flowerchild

7. Favourite bright blush? Oooh, you know I love my clown cheeks...

Sleek Pumpkin Blush by 3, TheBalm Toile and Lace, NARS Coeur Battant and Exhibit A, and Tarte Flush and Natural Beauty

MAC Salsarose, Frankly Scarlet, Full Fuchsia, Azalea, and Rhubarb

MAC Hot Nights (2013's Temperature Rising), Prom Princess (2013's Archie's Girls), Bite of an Apple (2010's Venomous Villains), and Tippy (2009's Hello Kitty)

8. Biggest blush disappointment/regret? Lancôme's La Roseraie from their 2012 Roseraie des Delice collection. 

9. Best blush packaging? While there are a lot of brands that do really nice, sleek regular packaging, I think MAC has done some of the prettiest, most memorable packaging for their LE collections. My all-time favourite would probably be last year's Alluring Aquatic packaging, but I also love last year's Proenza Schouler and 2010's To The Beach packaging.

MAC Sea Me, Hear Me Extra Dimension Blush (2014's Alluring Aquatics), Hipness Blush (2010's To The Beach), and Sunset Beach Blush Ombre (2014's Proenza Schouler)

10. What's on your blush wishlist? Tom Ford, Burberry, and Giorgio Armani.

11. Number 1 holy grail blush? MAC's Warm Soul Mineralize Blush. It's my most-used, looks-good-with-everything, ride-or-die blush.

MAC Warm Soul Mineralize Blush

Feel free to do this tag if you're a fellow blush fiend!
4 comments on "Addicted to Blush Tag"
  1. That's it, I gotta check out Warm Soul. Everyone's blush collections are stunning! But I usually feel like after two or three shades, everything starts to look the same on me, so I just give up, lol! Blush is pretty to look at in the pan, though. All those vibrant shades!

    1. Yes to Warm Soul! Surprised you haven't already checked it out 'cause you like Mineralize Blushes!

      I think blushes can start to look similar if you're applying it lightly or blending it out too much. And it's not just about colour but also texture and finish! I also find that people in general are drawn to the same type of blush shades. If you're usually into peaches, try pink! :)

  2. Am also thinking what the hell I've been doing without Warm Soul so far!

    I knew you'd make me proud. This post makes me wants to jump into the blush stash and swim around in it for daaaaayyyys. Agree that To The Beach and Alluring Aquatics made for some of the best packaging of all time -- and I'm just noticing now that you updated all your Mineralize blushes to the new packaging!

    1. Warm Soul's not an exciting colour, but it looks SO GOOD on the skin. Such a good shade if you're wearing really bright lips or a really dramatic eye 'cause it doesn't compete. :)

      Haha, I tried my best with this tag. ;) I don't know if MAC can out-do their Alluring Aquatic packaging. Like, I kept the boxes 'cause they were so pretty. And yes, I updated all my Mineralize Blushes. I hate it when they're not uniform in packaging, lol.


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