The Me-Time Tag

Saturday, December 13, 2014
I wasn't technically tagged to do this, but I wanted in on the fun after watching it on YouTube (originated from Essiebutton), and seeing it on both Liz's and Larie's blog. So, here we go!

1. What do you watch or read during me-time? I don't watch a lot of television these days, but I read a lot. My most recent book haul:

2. What do you wear during me-time? A TNA Ponoma shirt, an old Cornell hoodie (my brother bought it for me years ago when he was still a student there), Aerie Boyfriend sweatpants, and Bath & Body Works shea-infused lounge socks.

3. What are your me-time beauty products? I always have lip balm and hand cream, and I usually rotate between a few of them, but I don't like anything too greasy (I save the super-hydrating, repairing options for bedtime) because I'm usually doing something else, like reading or using my laptop. And I'm getting into face masks, which I try to do once a week.

Clinique Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream, Lollia Calm Hyacinth & Honey Shea Butter Handcreme, EOS Blueberry Acai Lip Balm, and Soap & Paper Factory Limoncello Lip Butter

Origins Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask and The Face Shop Real Nature Sheet Masks

4. Current favourite nail polish? I've been loving Cirque this season. When I can't decide what else to wear, I go back to these ones.

Cirque Colors Nail Lacquer in Lichen, Planet Caravan, Baptisia, and Tibetan Nights

5. What do you eat/drink during me-time? Whatever's in the fridge or pantry that isn't time-consuming to make or prepare (because me-time is about being lazy), like grilled cheese (with old cheddar and harvati), eggs or an omelette, Pizza Pockets, toasted bagel with dill cream cheese... I also love snacks like Party Mix or Munchies, and Orville Redenbacher's Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn. In general, I prefer savoury foods to sweet. To drink, it depends on my mood, but I usually switch between orange juice, Diet Coke, and Simply Limeade. And there's usually a cup of coffee somewhere in there.

6. Current favourite candle? Voluspa's Baltic Amber. Just finished this little one, and now I want the full size.

Voluspa Baltic Amber Candle

7. Do you ever have outdoor me-time? Er, I go outside to smoke... does that count?

8. Would you ever go see a movie alone? Yeah, sure. I used to do it occasionally when I was in high school and university; I took the subway to and from school, so I'd sometimes catch an afternoon movie at a theatre by a station before going home if there was something good out (usually on Tuesdays, 'cause it's half-price admission). But I rarely go out to watch movies now, so I'm usually with someone if I deign to go to the movie theatre.

9. Favourite online shop? Sephora, Indigo, Nail Polish Canada. At least, those are the ones I order the most from.

10. Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time? I usually blog during me-time nowadays, since I spend so much time at work. And I've recently gotten back into playing The Sims 3, which is terrible because I can play for like, 12 hours at a time. And on the rare occasion where I'm not too lazy to clean my bath tub, then I will take a bath with a Lush bath bomb and a bubble bar ('cause if I'm gonna take a bath, I'm gonna make it count).

Feel free to do this if you haven't already!
4 comments on "The Me-Time Tag"
  1. I need to stock up on more savory snacks. I never know what to buy, though. And I don't always feel like the same thing, and sometimes it's hard to eat stuff up before it goes bad.

    1. I let the sales guide me, lol. If Doritos are on for 2 for $6, that's what I'm gonna get. :) But I like Munchies and Party Mix 'cause it's got a bit of everything... pretzels, corn chips, Ringolos, Cheetos... :)

  2. LOL @ outdoor me time

    I didn't like that Origins charcoal mask - tried 2 pods from the pack of 4 and gave the rest to a friend. Like, it just stung a little and didn't seem to do anything else. How are you liking it?

    And we need a Voluspa supplier because unless Indigo is having a sale, they're just bankrupting me. BUT I CAN'T STOP.

    1. I've only used the Origins mask a couple times, but I quite like it so far. No visible long-term effects yet, but it does make my skin feel cleaner and I can actually see the mask clearing out my pores... Maybe you have to use it continually to see any differences...

      I'm waiting to see what kind of candle deals Indigo will have for Boxing week. :D


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