Sunday Video Love: La La Latch

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I first heard of Pentatonix when looking through Lindsey Stirling's videos, and discovered their collaboration on a cover of Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive" (which I posted here). Of course, being freshly obsessed with Pitch Perfect at the time, I had a newfound appreciation for a cappella, which all of a sudden seemed ridiculously cool (at least, in my head, it's cool). Pentatonix just released their third album which features this song. It's apparently a mash-up of Sam Smith, Disclosure, and Naughty Boy, all three of whom I had never heard of and don't know any of the songs to, but Pentatonix makes them sound fantastic together. (You can see their crazy talent and versatility in this video here.) And guess what? They're gonna be in Pitch Perfect 2. I am so freakin' excited.
4 comments on "Sunday Video Love: La La Latch"
  1. Sam Smith...his voice is smoooooth. I don't love all of his songs, but I have listened to his album a few times on Rdio. It's kind of melty. But I love R&B, so there's that.

    Also, I read Ruin and Rising recently, too! I thought it was much better than the second book and a pretty decent ending to the trilogy. There were parts of the trilogy that I was just meh about, but overall, it was one of the better YA fantasy type things I've read in a while! Did you like it?

    1. I should look this Sam Smith up. I'm kinda indifferent to R&B -- some songs are forgettable and then some are amazing. I just listen to whatever sounds good. :)

      I haven't actually finished Ruin and Rising yet -- I read two to three books at a time depending on my mood. Though I'm about halfway through Ruin and Rising and quite like it so far. I agree, I like it better than the second book (so far, anyway). I agree that it's one of the better YA fantasy series I've read, or at least more cohesive than many. And the story itself is more unique. Have you read The Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy? If you liked this series, you might like that one. :)

    2. Yep, read that one, but I didn't find it as memorable. Elisa was so..."I'm not beautiful. Why would anyone like me? Because, you know, I'm not beautiful." All I remember was I quite liked Hector until they actually acknowledged their relationship and it just became more teen angst.

      Yeah, I'm impatient with teen novels, lol, even though I like them. And continue to read them. Have you read Croak, by Gina Damico? It's kind of fun - about grim reapers.

    3. LOL, it IS YA, in the end, so I kinda accept the teen angst. I liked the overall story in The Girl of Fire and Thorns series, though. I'm not usually one for religious themes, but I thought it was well done. Weirdly enough, I didn't really find Elisa that annoying. I mean, she was insecure about her looks but I didn't find it overwhelming. One really annoying lead character is Clary in the Mortal Instruments series. Like, I love that series but I kinda want to strangle her every chapter.

      I just finished Ruin and Rising and really loved it. I thought the ending gave enough closure without being trite, and genuinely didn't expect the whole twist with the third amplifier! I agree that the third book was a more entertaining read than the second. And no, I haven't read Croak -- I think you recommended it in another post as well! Will put it in my wishlist right now so I get it with my next order. :)


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