Sunday Video Love: Ho Hey

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I go through phases with television and hadn't watched a show for months until recently, when I downloaded Nashville. I went through both seasons in two weeks. It surprised me how much I loved the show, and more surprisingly, country music. I'd never been a huge fan of country music, but the show features all different sub-genres of it, from folksy to more rock-inspired, and it's really showed me how beautiful country music can be. There's a plethora of talent in Nashville (all the actors actually sing the songs on the show), but this cover of The Lumineers' "Ho Hey" by then 13- and 10-year-old Canadian sisters, Lennon and Maisy (who play the daughters of main character, Rayna James), really impressed me with its simplicity and sweetness.
4 comments on "Sunday Video Love: Ho Hey"
  1. Hahaha - I LOVE country music, actually. :X This is a sweet cover. I'm not big on The Lumineers, either, though I have their album from a friend. Maybe I should listen to it again.

    1. I like some of more folksy or rockier country songs but I don't like the really twang-y kind. :P What are some of your favourite country artists?

      I actually don't like The Lumineers, either, and I don't like the original version of this song, but this cover is so different and so cute. <3

    2. Um, I like most of country except the really pop-heavy stuff (and I hate T Swift, lol). I love the attitude that the female country singers have! Miranda Lambert is one of my favorites. But I'll listen to most of country radio, with a few exceptions.

      Have you heard the Willie Nelson cover of Coldplay's The Scientist, btw?

    3. I think I just never paid attention to country (and I don't listen to the radio, so I actually don't know a lot of the pop-country stuff either, like Swift or Underwood) which is why this is like a whole new genre to me. I think I kinda just chalked it up to like... Reba McEntire and Shania Twain, lol. Don't think I'm ready to delve into it hardcore yet, but I have downloaded the Nashville soundtracks which I'm quite enjoying. :P

      I listened to that cover on YouTube after you mentioned it here and I like the instrumental... but I think his voice is a bit too jarring against the calm music. That having been said, I think he captures the emotion and feel of the song much better than Coldplay. Kind of like Johnny Cash's cover of NIN's Hurt (which, incidentally, has brought me to tears), though not quite as epic. :P


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