Pick-Ups & Deliveries: June 2014

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
As you'll know, I did quite a lot of shopping in June, as witnessed by my huge NYC hauls (here and here). I was trying not to spend much during the rest of June, but alas, it was the month of sales and gift with purchases, and I just could not resist. And it all started with... a tube of deodorant.

Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Deodorant in Fresh Vanilla Lemon

Jack Black Moisture Therapy Lip Balm in Shea Butter and Lemon

Formula X Effects Nail Color in Center of My Universe and Borealis

As I'm allergic to anti-perspirants and most deodorants, I had been meaning to try Lavanilla's The Healthy Deodorant for some time because it's aluminum- and alcohol-free. A few years back, when they carried these deodorants at all Sephora locations, I remember having written them off as being way too sickly sweet (vanilla, of course, being the main scent). But then they came out with the Fresh Vanilla Lemon version, which I had heard was soft and clean rather than cloying. By the time I had heard about this, though, Sephora had pulled Lavanilla out of a lot of their locations. As I had just renewed my VIB Rouge status (e.g. spent way too much at Sephora in a very short time span), they sent me a 10% off coupon code. So I decided to get this deodorant. VIB Rouge members get free shipping on all orders with no minimum purchase, but it seemed silly just to order one thing, so I also got two new tubes of my favourite Jack Black Moisture Therapy Lip Balm in Shea Butter and Lemon, as well as two bottles of those Formula X nail polishes in Center of My Universe (a rose gold and silver glitter shift) and Borealis (a multi-faceted olive green and gold micro-glitter) that I'd been eyeing. And with my order came some amazing, amazing VIB Rouge member perks:

Formula X Nail Color in X♥︎Rouge

Marc Jacobs Love and Lust 2 Piece Lip Set

Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel in Cabaret

Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl in Shooting Stars

So, yes, I got a third Formula X nail polish in X♥︎Rouge, which is free when you renew your Sephora VIB Rouge status. It's apparently "a custom shade of the best nail polish, only for the best clients." It's a classic vibrant cherry red, which every single brand of nail polish has a dupe of, so I'm not sure it's that "exclusive," but the formula is truly marvelous. And it's free. So I really can't complain. What I got really excited about, though, was the 1000 point reward. So, up until now, Sephora offered VIB members 100- and 500-point perks. But last month, they finally came out with a 1000 point reward, one that I think makes saving VIB points entirely worth it. I mean, to be fair, I had way over 1000 points earlier this year, and I was just waiting for something good to redeem them on... but when I saw this, I was all over it and thanked myself that I didn't redeem them on other random crap that I would never use. The 1000 point reward is an exclusive Marc Jacobs Beauty set that includes a full-size limited edition Lovemarc Lip Gel in Cabaret (an opaque deep berry-wine shade) and a full-size limited edition Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl in Shooting Stars (an opaque deep berry-plum with multi-dimensional shimmer). They are both stunning. And come in a fancy velvet-lined box with a booklet. By far the best VIB point perk I have ever seen.

C.O. Bigelow Mentha Vitamin Body Lotions

Then, as I'm still on a big mint kick, I decided to go to Bath & Body Works to get some more of C.O. Bigelow's Mentha Vitamin Body Lotion because I already finished the bottle I bought in May. Also because I had a coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase. When I got into the store, I discovered that my beloved mint body lotion was being phased out and was on the clearance shelf. I was momentarily sad that it was being discontinued... but then ultra happy when I found out that each bottle was half-price. So I bought three and my friend bought one, and we used my coupon, and they ended up being $5.75 each instead of $16.50. I figure the three bottles will last me well into fall, and then I'll be out of my mint phase by then. 

Wilfred Montesson Jacket

Babaton Cayden Blouse

Aritzia Handmade Scented Candle in Fig

Finally, I got an invitation to Aritzia's Clientele sale. It's essentially a private sale held for a week to "exclusive clients" before it goes public. I assume they extend invitations to those who spend far too much money there. And as I am an Aritzia whore, I had to jump on the chance to get 20 - 40% off everything. So I finally got the Wilfred Japanese crepe Montesson Jacket that I'd been eyeing since February and the Babaton silk georgette Cayden Blouse (which looks quite wrinkly in the photo but looks wonderfully chic in real life), both of which I received 20% off. And every year, they give out a free gift with purchase to those who shop the private sale. I think I received a massive TNA beach towel one year (which I use as a blanket when I nap now, so it clearly came in handy). This year, they were giving out candles. Apparently, they're handmade in France and retail for $60. Not sure I'd ever buy them (because, really, at $60, I'd go Diptyque), but they do smell amazing and come in hefty glass jars and beautiful boxes. I ended up choosing the Fig scent, which is fresh and lightly sweet. Thought it would be nice as a summer scent.
4 comments on "Pick-Ups & Deliveries: June 2014"
  1. Clothes! I bought some clothes when we went to PA because there is no sales tax on clothe there, and an outlet mall ;) Just some simple casual basics, though - J. Crew tees (which I LOVE and come in every color) and a shorter denim jacket that I've been wanting to pair with dresses and stuff.

    I'm allergic to a lot of deodorants, too - they make me itch. I never bothered to find out what it was, and now I just skip...LOL. I promise I don't smell though! I think. Maybe. :P

    1. Oooh, I went to the Grove City Outlet Mall in PA last fall to shop. I didn't find a lot of clothes that I wanted, though -- I only picked up a couple pairs of jeans at Old Navy, lol. I wanted a pair of pants at J. Crew but remember them being too overpriced even with a sale and no sales tax. I think I also limit myself in the clothing department because I generally only buy black... and I also like my clothes to be girly but kinda edgy, and not too casual but not too business-y or formal... :P

      Lol, yeah, I don't think I actually smell without deodorant on (I don't find that many Asians have strong B.O. to begin with... I only wear it in the summer, when I sweat more)... I just think of it as armpit perfume, lol! It's usually aluminum and/or alcohol that make people allergic to deodorants.

  2. Oooh, you were actually quite restrained. :D I wanted some shower gels from BBW but the lineup was so long that I decided to forget about them. Got a Caudalie one from Sephora instead. LOL

    1. Caudale > BBW, any day! You made a good decision, lol.

      And yes, I had to be more restrained after I spent so much in NYC!!! I shouldn't have bought anything, PERIOD. :P


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