Paramore: Monumentour at Molson Canadian Amphitheatre (Part I)

Thursday, June 26, 2014
I went with my friend Austin to see Paramore during their Monumentour tour with Fall Out Boy at Molson Canadian Amphitheatre on Wednesday night, which marked my sixth time seeing them (coincidentally, they were the last band I saw live last year, and the first band I saw live this year). I managed to get us general admission tickets this time, so we had an amazing view and obviously had to take advantage of this to take a million pictures. Thought I'd share them here, but I know not everyone's as into Paramore as I am, so there will be more photos after the jump for anyone who is interested!

2 comments on "Paramore: Monumentour at Molson Canadian Amphitheatre (Part I)"
  1. Oh, her hair is blue now. Awesome!

    Glad you got to go and have fun. Great pics. :D

    1. I love her blue hair! I think this is the first time in the past decade where it hasn't been red or blonde (and she was really only blonde for a couple months, lol). I think the turquoise shade suits her really well because she's keeping her hair short. I think keeping it that length and bright red made it more severe and clown-like... #yikes

      And thanks, I had an amazing time! You know this is how I get after shows -- I post a million photos and videos. I mean, it's more for myself than anything so I can look back on them at some point and get all nostalgic, but still, I actually think this is the closest I've ever gotten to the stage at a Paramore show and my photos turned out pretty well. :)


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