MAC Kelly Osbourne: Cheeky Bugger Powder Blush

Monday, June 16, 2014

Last Thursday, MAC released their collaboration with Sharon and Kelly Osbourne. The collection is separated into two parts, one for Sharon and one for Kelly. The entire collection features a total of 26 products — 13 products for each Sharon and Kelly — of which 19 are new and limited edition, four are re-promotes, and three are permanent. Kelly Osbourne will see the release of one new and limited edition Powder Blush. It comes in a special edition lavender compact with a clear lid and Kelly's signature in red, as well as a matching secondary cardstock box. Each Powder Blush contains 6 grams of product, and retails for $27.50. 

Cheeky Bugger

Cheeky Bugger

Cheeky Bugger is a light-medium warm strawberry milk pink in a Satin finish. This is a new and limited edition shade. It has a soft, silky, finely-milled texture, and goes on smoothly and evenly. It has high pigmentation and opaque colour pay-off. It can be layered and blended out easily. It is lighter and warmer than Lovecloud, darker and warmer than Well Dressed, and darker and more pigmented than Rosy Outlook Pro Longwear Blush.

Like Peaches & Cream, this blush has a lovely texture that is soft and finely-milled, so it goes on smoothly and evenly. It has great pigmentation so it's easy to achieve true-to-pan colour. It is a lighter colour in general, but it does darken after application to create a lovely pink flush for very fair to light skintones, and a more subtle, natural pink for medium to medium-dark skintones. However, for those who have darker skintones (e.g. NC42/NW35 or darker), this is probably not going to show up all that well, not because of pigmentation, but just due to the nature of the shade. Still, I highly recommend this for those who are looking for a soft warm pink blush; it's one of my top picks from the Osbournes collection in general, and there's surprisingly not a lot of shades that are similar to this one in MAC's permanent range.
4 comments on "MAC Kelly Osbourne: Cheeky Bugger Powder Blush"
  1. Pretty, and every time someone uses food to describe a product, I'm sold :P (unless it's food I don't like, hahahaha). However, I don't like the that kind of turns me off of this whole collection :/

    1. LOL! I'm the same way; colour description goes so far to attract me to a product. Like "ripe grapefruit pink" instead of "coral." LOL.

      I'm very indifferent to the Osbournes, though I was surprised when I first heard about the collaboration because I don't think they're very relevant here... BUT they are huge in the UK. And also because Kelly Osbourne's make-up artist works for MAC. Still, I care more about the products than the collab. Like with Rihanna. I don't really care for her as a person, nor do I particularly like her music, but some of the products with her collaborations were AMAZING. :P

  2. Seriously. I was just like, "It's pink, okay." and then you said strawberry milk and BOOM. SO PRETTY.


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