MAC Maleficent: Natural Beauty Powder

Monday, May 26, 2014

Two weeks ago, MAC released their collaboration collection with Disney's Maleficent, meant to coincide with the movie launch this month. This collection is available online and at MAC Stores only. It is inspired by, of course, Maleficent: "Mysterious, magnificent, and much misunderstood — Disney's most iconic villain... Intensely admired for her evil elegance, despite her efforts to instill fear in the hearts of generations, this icon casts a spell of absolute adoration with sensuous shades so wickedly gorgeous, who needs beauty sleep?" The entire collection features a total of 14 products, of which three are new and limited edition, one is a re-promote, and ten are permanent. Maleficent will see the launch of one new and limited edition shade of Beauty Powder. It comes in a special edition glossy black mirrored compact with the Maleficent logo (two ravens standing foot to foot making it appear like a pair of black wings in the shape of an 'M'), as well as a matching secondary cardstock box. Each Beauty Powder contains 10 ml of product, and retails for $35. 



Natural is a light peachy pink-beige in a satin-matte finish. This is a new and limited edition product and shade. It has a soft, silky, finely-milled texture, and goes on smoothly and evenly. It has high pigmentation and opaque colour pay-off. It can be layered and blended out easily. It is more pink and less frosted than Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish, and more pink than Light Mineralize Skinfinish Natural.

Okay, yes, a lot of people were incredibly disappointed with this launch. Given that MAC released Venomous Villains a few years ago to immense popularity and rave reviews (of which Maleficent was also featured, albeit in her original animation form), most people were expecting this collection to rival the monumental success of that. This collection is actually inspired by the products that special effects make-up artist Rick Baker used on Angelina Jolie on set for the movie. (Side note: Rick Baker has been using MAC products on his work for years so they have a long-standing respect for each other; he actually collaborated with MAC last fall for a limited edition PRO-only Halloween collection.) Think of these products as what Maleficent would actually wear in real life rather than the products inspired by the animated film. That having been said, I do think it was a wasted opportunity not to come out with more limited edition shades given the higher price point of the products due to the packaging.

The majority of this collection is available permanently without the special edition packaging, so I only picked up this powder and the lipstick (both of which are new and limited edition). A lot of people often get confused as to what Beauty Powder is, and how to use it. Depending on the colour of the powder and your skintone, Beauty Powders can be used as finishing powders, highlighters, and subtle blushes. This particular shade can be used as an all-over finishing powder for fair to light skintones, and as a soft highlighter on medium to medium-dark skintones. Because it is such a light shade, it can start to look ashy on darker skintones. That having been said, this powder has a very smooth, finely-milled texture with great pigmentation and is incredibly blendable, so I do think it can be used by the majority of people. Rick Baker gave Angelina Jolie some killer cheekbones and intense contouring for the film, so I do think this product was meant to be used in conjunction with the Sculpting Powder (permanent at PRO). But as it is, I can really appreciate this product to highlight beautifully without adding shine or illumination — just soft, subtle, and, as the name implies, natural.
8 comments on "MAC Maleficent: Natural Beauty Powder"
  1. Haha, ok, so, I love Maleficent the original, animated character, because so evil, lol (and have you ever played Kingdom Hearts?). But I cannot stand Angelina Jolie and this movie just rubs me the wrong way for whatever reason. I was a little bit disappointed by the offerings in this collection, as well, as nothing called out to me!

    Also, Denise, were the MSFN reformulated recently?

    1. LOL. I haven't played Kingdom Hearts but I do love me some Maleficent! Best Disney villain by far.

      Weirdly enough, I think Angelina Jolie suits the role really well (but then again, I've loved her since watching Girl, Interrupted 15 years ago and just think she plays psychotic bitch really well). I think the trailer looks amazing!

      I agree that the offerings were disappointing, though. But it's a decidedly more practical collection than fun or whimsical.

      And no, MSFN weren't re-formulated -- just re-packaged!

  2. I was actually tempted by this because there are those times when you don't want a blingy highlighter. But it was actually the packaging that turned me off. They could have done better than slap a DIY sticker type Maleficent logo on top. :-/

    And I am so watching Maleficent just to stare at Jolie's face for 2 hours.

    1. I agree that the packaging could've been classier/sleeker, but at least it's not an actual sticker. :P But, for $35, there are plenty of other beautiful highlighter options out there.

      LOL, ME TOO!

  3. hmm good points here about the makeup collection being what maleficient would have actually worn but missing out on an opporunity. i guess it depends on what the consumer was hoping for. some fun! or something more functional.
    i agree with your sentiments on this.

    1. I think this collection captured Maleficent's make-up really well, but ya, not the most fun. I do think the collection came with a lot of great staple products that can be used all the time, though... And you can create some really awesome, sexy looks with them, too. :)

  4. I agree with Liz that the packaging is kinda lacklustre...that and I was bummed about all the re-promotes. But I'm happy I can just skip over this release - one less to ogle / lust over!

    1. Yeah, it wasn't released to a lot of fanfare. I don't think this collection would've necessarily appealed to Maleficent/Disney fans or even LE collectors, but I think a lot of customers who are looking for good basics or staples would like it. Aside from the LE products, I think I already own all the products from this collection, LOL.


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