Instagram: Spring 2014 — Nail Edition

Thursday, May 15, 2014
Another quickie post as I won't have much time to do anything more until after Saturday. I haven't done as many nail posts here as I used to but you can be sure that, as a nail polish addict, I have been changing my nail polish with quite some regularity and usually capture my favourites on Instagram, so I thought I'd post them up here. My glitter layering obsession is still going strong, and almost all of my nail combos in the past couple months have been using shades almost exclusively from Rainbow Honey, some of which have actually been featured on the brand's Instagram feed! (Seriously, though, I have a sick addiction to this brand; I just put in another order last week.) Again, for those who do follow me on Instagram already, I apologize in advance for the re-post.

Rainbow Honey's All My Stars + Rainbow Honey's Charaxes

Rainbow Honey's Metalmark + Rainbow Honey's Tayabak

Rainbow Honey's The Soirée + Rainbow Honey's Prussian Sky

Rainbow Honey's I Miss You + Rainbow Honey's Tessie

Rainbow Honey's My Girl

Rainbow Honey's Midnight Fountain + Rainbow Honey's Prussian

Hard Candy's King of Pop + Rainbow Honey's Mint Flavor

What have you been rocking on your nails lately?
4 comments on "Instagram: Spring 2014 — Nail Edition"
  1. Loving all the blues! The combination of I Miss You + Tessie is RIDICULOUSLY pretty.

    I'll go paint my nails now with some boring crème, haha.

    1. I think I Miss You + Tessie is like, the epitome of SPRING. I was trying to get into the mood, 'cause it was still like winter outside when I was wearing it, lol.

      LOL, I wear cremes all the time! But I just CHOOSE to put glitter on top... :P I've been wearing cremes this week though, 'cause my nails are in terrible shape from using acetone all the time. :(

  2. I've only recently heard of Rainbow Honey polishes and am quickly falling in love with them!


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