Sunday Video Love: Never Give In

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Still on a Veronica Mars kick (I will be a Marshmallow until the end of time). The movie soundtrack is just so full of gems, and I love that both the show and the movie feature such fantastic indie artists. And not just for the sake of featuring indie artists (ahem, Gossip Girl and The O.C.), but because the songs really just fit in with the plot and mood of the story so incredibly well. And I just think that this song in particular reflects the whole Veronica Mars franchise perfectly.
2 comments on "Sunday Video Love: Never Give In"
  1. I was totally in love with VM season 1 soundtrack but barely noticed the songs in the movie aside from noting that the vibe/ambience/mood felt authentic to the series. But then this could be owing to the fact that I'm really not paying attention to music lately.

    I always thought Gossip Girl did a fair job with choosing songs all throughout the show's run, even though the storylines became a giant unsolvable mess. I hated them for making YYY's "Zero" popular though, because I loved it and suddenly it was everywhere all the time and became nauseating.

    1. VM Season 1 soundtrack was AMAZING. I still listen to so many songs off that album. Spoon, Faders, Tegan and Sara, 46bliss, Delays... SO GOOD!!!

      To be fair, I wasn't paying THAT much attention to the music in the movie -- I downloaded the soundtrack kind of blindly, if you will. I did notice the cover of "We Used to be Friends" near the beginning, and of course, Sufjan Stevens' "Chicago" when Logan was driving Veronica back to her house (and they're giving each other the googly eyes and you kinda die inside 'cause you know they're MEANT TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER)... But anyhoo, the movie soundtrack is aces. You can hear every track on the Veronica Mars Movie channel. :D

      I agree, I think the tracks that were used on Gossip Girl were really good, but I didn't think most of them were relevant to the show's storyline. The guy that did the music for The O.C. was the same guy who did the music for Gossip Girl, so that could be why. I sorta gave up on Gossip Girl after Season 4... but I might watch the rest some day, just to see how it ends... I do love me some Chuck and Blair!

      And yes, I totally agree re: YYY's "Zero." I still love the song, but it was overplayed, for sure.

      Oh, and I just remembered another show with awesome tunes: The Vampire Diaries!!!


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