Friday Five: No Theme

Friday, April 11, 2014
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What field trips, one from elementary school and one from high school, do you remember most fondly? I don't have many from elementary school that really stand out, but I did go to Ottawa for a Grade 8 field trip that I remember being pretty fun. The purpose of the trip was to see Parliament Hill and learn how our government system works, but I just remember eating Beaver Tails, making maple taffy, skating on the Rideau Canal, and shopping at the Rideau Centre. From high school, the best field trip was by far my senior year art trip to New York. We did all the touristy stuff (Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park, etc.), got to see all the major art museums (MoMA and MoMA PS1, The Met, Guggenheim, The Frick) during the day and Broadway shows (Rent and Urinetown) at night, ate lots authentic New York pizza, and did some major shopping (this is when my love of Sephora began, actually). 

  2. How does your handwriting today differ from your handwriting in high school? It's pretty similar, actually, but I guess because I'm lazier about it now, it looks a little more like cursive mixed with print rather than straight-up print. But I like to think I've always had very good penmanship, even to this day.

  3. What let's-pretend game did you most enjoy when you were a child? I quite enjoyed playing "doctor" with Janetta when we were little. We even wrote up prescriptions for each other. I also went through a pretty hardcore phase of pretending to be a spy after watching Harriet the Spy. I even had that speckled composition notebook.

  4. If you had to take the name of any one-named celebrity, whose would work best? Adele. Aside from having an incredible voice, her facial features are just a make-up artist's dream.

  5. A brain, a princess, an athlete, a basket case, and a criminal: Which of these roles will you take, and which friends fill the rest? I'm kind of none of these, but if I had to pick, I'd say brain... As for the others, I'd rather not label my friends here. But love the Breakfast Club reference!
2 comments on "Friday Five: No Theme"
  1. I wonder if you still have that notebook stashed away somewhere? What did we even spy on? lol
    We also enjoyed making potions and pretending to have our own cooking show. I remember us always making "play dough" which always involved eggs...

    1. No, I don't have the notebook anymore, lol. I think we spied on neighbours. To no avail, 'cause they were rarely ever home, LOL.

      OMG, I totally forgot about our cooking episodes. LMAOOOOOO, we'd make dough for hours and then throw it out. Best.


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