Friday Five: Bonus Questions, 9

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Last set of bonus questions from Friday Five:
  1. What's your favourite frozen treat on a stick? Strawberry shortcake bars! These were the ultimate treat when I was a kid; my mom would buy a box like, once every three months. She could seriously bribe me to do anything with those. For whatever reason, I can't find them anymore at any of the supermarkets I frequent. Anyone know if they're still available in Canada?

  2. What's your favourite lollipop? Chocolate banana Chupa Chups. I haven't had one since I was a kid (you know, when the Spice Girls made Chupa Chups so popular, they were considered an accessory) and they're not that widely available anymore, but those were so good. 

  3. When you passed notes during class in high school, who was most often the recipient? Katherine or Adrienne.

  4. Who among your high school friends was the first to get his or her own car? Katherine. She got a red Jetta, and she used to drive us to McDonald's during lunch breaks. It was quite luxurious.

  5. Who's the black sheep in your family? Probably me. My brother was the golden child, and I didn't do anything my parents expected of me. Didn't graduate university, moved out with my boyfriend when I was 20 (this is quite scandalous, especially in an Asian family), started smoking (and lying about it and then getting caught doing it... multiple times), etc.

  6. Who's the family historian? I have no idea. My dad, maybe?

  7. What was the last thing you sprayed from a spray bottle? MAC Fix+.

  8. What was the last thing you sprayed from an aerosol can? L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray.

  9. When did you last make reservations for something? Dinner at North 44º for Winterlicious. Well, I technically didn't make the reservations, but reservations were made...

  10. What's your next upcoming appointment? I actually don't have one set, but I do need to meet up with my friend Cynthia to try on dresses because I'm going to be her maid of honour at her wedding this fall. And I do need to do a physical check-up with my family doctor because I haven't had one in like, three years. And I do need to make an appointment with an optometrist... and a dentist... Man, I'm behind on a lot of health-related things...
6 comments on "Friday Five: Bonus Questions, 9"
  1. I need to make an appointment with the eye doctor, too. :( I hate going to the eye doctor, though, mostly because I've had glasses since I was 4 and I feel like I spent my entire life at the optometrist's office.

    1. I totally empathize. I've had glasses since I was 8. I don't think my eyesight has gotten much worse since my early 20s, though, which is why I haven't really bothered with going to the optometrist... I just order my contacts online. :P But I feel like I should go just to make sure that my prescription is the same.

  2. Ahhh, maid of honour duties! Who's doing the makeup though? lol I'm looking for an MUA for my friend's wedding in July - any recs? So far I got a bunch of reluctant quotes from people who live in the north east end of the city and don't want to travel to Mississauga (understandably so).

    1. I was originally going to do the bride's make-up, but it's included in the package she got with the dress. She was like, "If they do a bad job, you can fix it, right?" LOL.

      I don't know many people from this end that will travel to Mississauga, but you should check out the MAC counters at Square One. A lot of MAC artists do freelance.

  3. I went to the eye doctor for the first time since I got laser eye surgery, almost 10 years ago! The optometrist was not too pleased with me.

    Getting our MacDonald's meal of the day takeout in my new car really was very luxurious haha. Good times :)

    1. Wow, has it been that long? I'm quite envious. I wish I could afford Lasik right now. It would be amazing to be able to see clearly when I wake up in the morning. :P

      Haha, those McDonald's trips were basically the highlights of my grad year.


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