Sunday Video Love: We Used to Be Friends

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Obviously dedicated to the epicness that is the Veronica Mars movie.
6 comments on "Sunday Video Love: We Used to Be Friends"
  1. I credit this song for making VMars extra cool. I didn't love the movie but it gave me closure at least. Logan lost all of his evil spark and it made me pine for the good old days. And I'm seriously pissed that no one shivved that evil bitch Celeste Kane by the end. WAIT, NO, WHAT CLOSURE???

    1. LOL!!! I actually loved the movie -- so much so that I watched it in the theatre AND bought it on iTunes (because apparently it was released on video on demand as well!). I know Logan lost some of his previous "swagger" but nine years had passed -- they gotta grow up at some point, right? I mean, I like that all the characters still had some of their original essence, but it did show that they had all evolved somehow. I am still such a hardcore LoVe shipper -- this movie just re-sparked my love for them. I was like, "Why the fuck is Piz still in the picture? We ALL know Logan and Veronica are FOR LIFE." My favourite line was when Logan says, "Our story is epic." BECAUSE IT IS SO TRUE. #fangirl

      But, you're right, Celeste needed to die. Or at least get horribly injured.

  2. Have you seen the movie yet?! I need to go see it ASAP.


      It is available for download on iTunes -- you can rent it or buy it!

  3. I downloaded the movie on iTunes - I am a DIEHARD VMars fan and rewatched all the seasons before the movie came out. I cried TEARS when they ended that series! Kristen Bell is the best person in life. Did you watch the clip of her and the sloth story on 'Ellen'? Because if you haven't, you need to ASAP - makes me love her that much more.

    I like the movie pretty well, but I still love the show more. I am a huge Logan fan and I could have used more of his awesome quips!!!!!!!

    1. LOL ME TOO!!! I watched the movie in theatres and then found out a week later that it was also made to download on iTunes, so I downloaded it, too. I've watched it four times now, LOL! And I re-watched all the seasons before the movie and JUST re-watched third season last week because I feel like that was such an underrated season. I AM SUCH A VMARS NERD.

      And yes, I watched the Ellen sloth interview when it aired, lol. Love KBell to death. I am a LoVe shipper TO THE END OF TIME. I think Logan is my biggest TV crush to end all crushes, LOL. When he says to Veronica in the movie, "Our story is epic," I was just like SWOOOOON! And while I agree that the TV episodes are better in general, I think of the movie as an extension of the show, not really a big separate entity. I just have undying love for VMars as a whole. The movie did offer some closure, though, which was nice. I just wish they killed off Celeste Kane. That would've been fantastic.


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