Sunday Video Love: Let It Go

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Thought this was the appropriate choice for this Sunday's music video after tonight's Oscars. Even though Idina Menzel will always be Elphaba first in my heart, Elsa comes in at a close second.
11 comments on "Sunday Video Love: Let It Go"
  1. My sister insisted that I watch this because I'm Elsa and she's Ana, lol. It was cute but this is the only song that I can recall. DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN???

    1. LOOOOL! I actually have this downloaded but haven't watched it yet. :P But I've YouTube'd most of the songs, lol.

      Elsa's character is supposed to be based on The Snow Queen and was meant to be evil but they wrote her as "misunderstood" instead, LOL.

    2. It's not really anything like the original Snow Queen story except that they take "Queen" and "snow" quite literally. You'll see when you watch. It did make me cry though. LOL


  2. Even though I love Disney movies, I haven't had a desire to watch any of them lately! including this one!

    1. I've actually felt the same way about Disney movies as of late. As I mentioned above, I haven't actually watched Frozen yet, though the more people talked about how good it is, the more I've become interested. I reckon I should watch it in the next month or so while it's still cold, 'cause I don't like watching winter-themed movies outside of winter, LOL.

  3. oh god...this song haha the bf was obsessed about it after watching the movie even though he protested to watching it at

    1. LOL! That's so cute. Yeah, I've heard that people keep singing the songs after watching the movie, like with Tangled. :)

  4. I love this song, particularly the Idina Menzel version - also on my on-the-go playlist. ;) I think you'll like it even more after you see the movie - the video sequence during the song is really moving! I'm not necessarily a Disney movie buff; I love all the classics (The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, etc.) but I haven't seen some of the popular ones like Pocahontas or The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I probably would have watched this movie regardless, but I really wanted to see it because of Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff!

    1. Ahaha sorry, just realized you linked to the video which obviously means you've seen the animation associated with it. I love the transformation!

    2. I also love Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff! (Haha, we are such Broadway nerds.) I will probably watch it in the next week or so. I have it downloaded, I just need to find the time! I'm not a huge Disney buff, either -- like you, I love the classics and all the Pixars but I'm not a fanatic. This one seems super cute, though. :)


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