Sunday Video Love: Flicker, Fade

Sunday, March 16, 2014

So it appears that I still have a soft spot for Taking Back Sunday. I remember picking up their first record when I was in Grade 11 and playing it on repeat for months and months until I memorized pretty much every lyric. To say that I was obsessed with them would be an understatement. And I actually like a lot of their songs from the three albums that followed that, but their 2011 self-titled album was really disappointing and none of the songs really resonated with me. Their sound was lacking any passion and the lyrics were stale, like they put out a record for the sake of putting out a record. I mean, to be fair, I have long since passed my angsty teenage years and the "emo" genre became something so unpleasant and superficial that I had lost my taste for that type of music. It became more about the look and the "scene" rather than the music. Maybe it comes with being an adult, but it just seemed like I grew up but they stayed exactly the same. However, my 16-year-old, angsty, emo-loving self can't help but love their new single; it's like all the reasons I ever liked this band are embodied in this song. It's a throwback to the Taking Back Sunday of yesteryear, in the best way possible. It's like they became passionate about music again, and though the sound isn't technically new for them, it's made me oddly nostalgic.
2 comments on "Sunday Video Love: Flicker, Fade"
  1. Hahaha, I feel that way about all the emo bands I listened to, too. They come on now and I'm just like whaaaaaaat. T_T

    1. Lol, right?! I think the only "emo" band that I've loved through thick and thin, from the beginning until the end, is Thursday. I even named this blog after one of their songs!


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