Sunday Video Love: Beating Heart

Sunday, March 30, 2014

I don't think I have been more disappointed in the selections for a movie soundtrack than the one for Divergent, because the majority of the songs don't reflect the story, characters, or themes whatsoever. Maybe because I had been creating an epic soundtrack in my head since reading the first novel a few years ago (yes, I make soundtracks in my head while reading books, and I had included songs like Silversun Pickups' "The Royal We" and Shiny Toy Guns' "Starts With One" because both the lyrics and music reflect the overall story and mood of the novel), but I imagined it to contain more hard rock songs in general (like Veronica Roth had intended; she lists lots of alternative tracks in the back of the novels as her own personal Divergent playlist), rather than such electronica/synth-driven songs (with some incredibly terrible rap mixed in for good measure). Because when I think of "dystopian society," I do not think "dance music." It was like this soundtrack was made purely as a cash-grab, and I honestly think Ellie Goulding single-handedly saved it from being complete and utter crap. (Oh, and yes, I did watch the movie. And yes, the book is better than the movie. But that was to be expected, so I'm not going to be too harsh on it. Conclusion: It was decent-to-good, but not great.)
2 comments on "Sunday Video Love: Beating Heart"
  1. Yea, I've been on the fence about going to see it in theatres. If someone asks, maybe! Otherwise I'll probably just check it out when it's downloadable...

    1. I would see if there's a good quality, HD download. :P

      It's good and I think they showed the big picture part of the story really well, but it's the intricacies and the more intimate emotional interactions and the character development that I feel they failed to capture, and I think it's these things that made the book so good. The book captures a lot more personal moments, and I think it's what makes you fall in love with these characters and have such personal attachments to them.

      But I do think the movie is entertaining, and those who didn't read the book will likely appreciate the movie for what it is and the general storyline.


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