Friday Five: Accessories

Friday, February 21, 2014
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What was the last computer accessory you acquired? Wow, I haven't bought a computer accessory in a really, really long time. Probably my Incase laptop bag, but that was at least two years ago. I also bought a Logitech wireless mouse around the same time... What can I say, I like to keep it simple.

  2. What was the last clothing accessory you acquired? My black cashmere and wool Babaton infinity scarf that I ordered from Aritzia last month.

  3. What was the last auto accessory you acquired? If it counts, then my license plate sticker that I had to renew on my birthday last year. If it doesn't count, then probably the auto air freshener I bought at Pacific Mall last summer.

  4. What was the last accessory you acquired for one of your hobbies? The Tarte goodies I ordered a couple weeks ago. 'Cause make-up is my hobby. (And my life. Actually, though.)

  5. What was the last hair accessory you acquired? I bought a pack of bobby pins sometime last month. Because they always go missing. Without fail.
4 comments on "Friday Five: Accessories"
  1. With two sisters in the house, I once bought so many bobby pins that we never run out anymore. But I hate those shitty ones when the soft cover tips fall off!

    1. Oh, true! I have some reaaaally good bobby pins from when I went to make-up school (we had a hairstyling unit) but they're HARDCORE. Like, your hair does not budge, 'cause they were made for crazy up-dos and things. And they're quite big, too. Sometimes I like a smaller, less stiff ones just for stray hairs and whatnot, lol. I don't think I've ever bought the ones with soft cover tips, but DULY NOTED.

      One thing I learned during hairstyling classes? You use bobby pins RIDGE SIDE DOWN. That was a serious game-changer for me. Yes, this is an entire convo dedicated to bobby pins. :P

    2. There is wisdom in this conversation!

      I learned the upside down bobby pin trick from Pinterest a while ago. GAME CHANGER. And I really liked the pins that the hair stylist put in my hair for my sister's wedding that I hoarded them -- but alas, as you noted, they're all long gone. LOL

    3. LOL, right? I think a lot of people don't know that they're using their bobby pins upside-down. It's such a glass-shattering moment, lol.

      I think it's worth it to get those professional bobby pins. I think they're a lot more expensive, like almost 50 cents each, but they're so much more substantial and hold so much more hair that you end up using waaaaaay less. And they don't fall out of your hair, EVER. They clamp down all those loose suckers. And I somehow never manage to lose those. :D


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