Pick-Ups & Deliveries: January 2014

Monday, January 27, 2014
So, as it's the last week of January, I thought I'd do my monthly haul post. As with most months, I ended up shopping more than I thought I would... But there were so many post-holiday sales going on and I just can't resist a good deal, you know? 

Illume Essential Mini Tin Candles in Pineapple Cilantro, Coconut Milk Mango, and Oceano

Orange Circle Studio Secret Garden 2014 Do It All Planner

Jonathan Adler iPhone 4 Cases

It all started with — you guessed it — candles. I know I said I was on a candle ban, but I was walking through the mall a few weeks ago and noticed that Papyrus had set up a big clearance section. Now, I don't normally buy a lot from Papyrus because I don't have a lot of cards to buy for people nor do I use stationery or wrapping paper, but I like walking in there because I find it really... peaceful. I was perusing the clearance tables and saw these cute travel-size Illume candles on sale for 50% off, and thought I'd stop and smell them to see if they were any good. It was love at first sniff, guys. I typically don't like tropical scents that much, but these are just so fresh and lovely and not too sweet or cloying, and now I kind of want the full-size jars (but I can't because I am really on a candle ban now, I swear). I was also looking for a new planner for this year to organize my schedule and finances and stuff and managed to snag the last Secret Garden 2014 Do It All Planner for $10 from $16.99. And I also snatched up two cute Jonathan Adler iPhone 4 cases for $12 each from $25 because my old case finally broke and I figured these rubberized options would protect my phone better.

Babaton Roy Infinity Scarf

Babaton Robinson Jacket and Talula Piccadilly Blouse

Nine West Vintage America Collection Sabady Suede Booties

Aritzia was, of course, having a huge post-holiday sale that started during Boxing Week and seems to be neverending as it's still going on right now. Being able to shop through their website has made it way too easy to spend too much money, but I found some deals that were too good to pass up. I ended up getting a black cashmere and wool Babaton Roy Scarf for $42.50 from $85, a black Japanese satin-back crepe Babaton Robinson Jacket for $75 from $175, and a black twill Talula Piccadilly Sleeveless Blouse for $27 from $45. For some reason, I never find deals this good in any of their stores no matter how hard I look. Maybe it's because it's so easy just to filter their sale stuff on their website, but I swear, half of these deals don't appear in their stores. And, finally, I got a pair of these ultra-cute Nine West Sabady black suede booties at The Bay that were originally $180, but were reduced to $115 during Boxing Week, and then had an extra 40% off because they were put on clearance. I swear, I don't even go looking for deals. They just come find me. 

Dior Spring 2014 Diorblush Trianon Edition Vibrant Colour Powder Blush in 763 Corail Bagatelle

Dior Spring 2014 Rouge Dior Lipstick in 531 Rose Crinoline and 773 Allégresse; Dior Vernis Trianon Edition Nail Lacquer in 187 Perlé and 204 Porcelaine

Dior Minis: 5 Couleurs Couture Colour Eyeshadow Palette in 454 Royal Kaki, Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara, and Rouge Dior in 644 Rouge Blossom

Even though I was doing pretty well at not buying any make-up last month (except for the Naked3 Palette, which I had to have), I caved in when I saw the new Dior Spring 2014 collection, Trianon. I went to visit my friend who works at a Dior counter to see the collection in person because the photos popping up all over the Internet were getting too hard to ignore. None of the eye products interested me in the slightest (I usually like Dior's Spring palettes, but this year's was truly disappointing), but I ended up getting five items that I fell in love with, including the gorgeous blush (!), two lipsticks, and two of the nail polishes. Did I need any of them? Oh, god, absolutely not. Especially that powder blue nail polish; I probably have six dupes of it at home, but I'm just a sucker for blues. These were just so damn pretty in person, it was like a spell was cast over me and all logic went out the window. Luckily, there was a promotion going on in the cosmetics department for $10 off a $75 purchase, so my friend split my products into two transactions and I got $20 off. And she threw in some adorable mini gifts for me, too. Still, the next month is going to be a very dangerous time with Spring collections rolling out.

Ciaté Paint Pots in Jewel, Helter-Skelter, and Love Letter

Caudalie Vinosource Set (with Moisturizing Sorbet, S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum, and Grape Water) and Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid SPF 15

There haven't been a lot of nail polishes that have intrigued me lately (except for Rainbow Honey, for which I will be putting in a huge order very, very soon), but I was passing by the Ciaté display at The Bay after snagging all my Dior goodies and decided to take a look. Ciaté isn't a brand that I often go to because I'm not a fan of their manicure sets which is what they're known for. But they do sometimes have some gorgeous, unique shades in their Paint Pots range (that's another thing — they totally stole that name from MAC, which doesn't even make sense because their nail polishes don't come in pots, and is mighty hypocritical after the whole "Caviar Manicure" trademarking fiasco) and I managed to find three that I ended up loving. I swear, that's all the nail polish I bought this month, though. I met up with Liz a few days after that, during which we went into Sephora (naturally), where I was set on grabbing a new bottle of my favourite Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum because I had run out of it the week before. Liz pointed out that there was a value set for the serum that included a mini tube of Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet as well as a travel-size version of their Grape Water for the same price as the serum alone, so I picked that up. And Liz surprised me with a bag of goodies that included a tube of their Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid SPF 15, too! Seriously, I'm set for skincare for the next year.

Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel, Neon Love Soap, and Love Locket Bath Bomb

Lush Eau Roma Water Toner, I Love Juicy Shampoo, and Big Blue and Sex Bomb Bath Bombs

Finally, Lush. It seems that I can't go a single month without getting stuff from Lush, but I'm in a phase right now (I'll go months obsessing over their stuff and then get sick of them for a couple months and then hop back on the train...). I asked my Lush friend if he could grab some stuff for me the next time he was making a staff purchase, and he got all the stuff I asked for and them some! I got really excited for the Valentine's stuff that was released last week, and asked him to get me the three things I really wanted: the Prince Charming Shower Gel (smells like grapefruit and pomegranate!), Neon Love Soap (smells of citrusy bergamot and rosewood and features white hearts in every slice), and Love Locket Bath Bomb (explodes with paper and seaweed hearts in the water!). I also asked him to pick me up a bottle of I Love Juicy Shampoo, which I haven't used since last summer but I remember really enjoying (it's for oily hair, which I don't have, but I like using it a couple times a week to deep-clean without feeling dry or stripped). When he gave me my goodies, I noticed he had also included a small bottle of Eau Roma Water that I had mentioned wanting to try, plus Butterball and Sex Bomb bath bombs, too! I am truly spoiled from my Lush friends. Actually, this might explain my Lush addiction/obsession. That, and cold weather makes me want to take all the baths.

What were some of your splurges this month? Did you find any good post-holiday deals? 
16 comments on "Pick-Ups & Deliveries: January 2014"
  1. I am contemplating a Shu order as we "speak," Denise. Stop me. So many goodies! And Dior! :D I love Porcelaine, too. I feel the same way about blue polish! It just has to come home to me. Every. Damned. Time.

    1. LOL! I am ALWAYS "contemplating" cosmetic orders. :P And yes, I finally splurged on all that Dior. I figured I held off on the holiday stuff to see what they'd release for Spring (their Spring and Summer collections get me EVERY TIME), and as per usual, I spent way too much on things I totally DO NOT NEED. It's actually become a problem, lol. Like, I think to myself, "Wow, if I didn't buy all that make-up in the last six months, I could've bought a Chanel handbag by now." :P

  2. holy dior collection! ahhahah i feel like every comment i make on your blog starts with 'holy' which is not the case for all the other comments i make on all the other blogs i comment on hahahahah but omgs you have all the pretty things!!!
    i picked up one of the mono eyeshadows from the dior line. at first it was going to be that pink gloss but some spark of love for matte purples peaked its way into my heart at the last moment.
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. LOL, that's because I spend way too much money on pretty things I don't need. :P I am Queen of Excess, especially when it comes to cosmetics.

      I wasn't intrigued by any of the eye products from the Dior Spring launch, but I think it's more to do with the shades. Not really into pastels for eyes -- I'd rather do neutrals. The mono eyeshadows are good for those who want something simple and easy to slap on (e.g. people who have 10 minutes to get ready in the mornings), but I have far too many go-to products for that purpose that I felt like it'd be a waste of money for me since I didn't love any of the shades. But I'm glad you found something you liked, 'cause the texture of those mono shadows are actually really nice!

  3. Shit, stop making those Diors look so good. Goddammit.

    And if you figure out how to use that Caudalie thing I gave you, let me know. I don't understand it, it's such a weird product.

    Love all the black outfit things! Illume candles are great quality but I like very few of them. Didn't know that Papyrus sold them. Now I shall always look and the subsequent candle ban break will be all your fault. I may or may not go back to B&BW for a candle haul as well, now that I can't stop thinking about some of the ones we sniffed at Fairview!

    1. Haha, you know if you wanted the Diors badly enough, you would have already gotten them. I'm sure you swatched them enough to know if you love them, lol. And at least you got the gloss!

      I figured the Caudalie thing you gave me was a day moisturizer? I tried it once and quite liked it! I'm trying to figure out my current moisturizer first and then move on to the Caudalie one.

      I haven't smelled many of the Illume ones, but I really love the ones I got here. I may need to get a full-size of the Pineapple Cilantro one (you know, once my ban is lifted, lol). It makes my heart sing. :D I'm trying not to go to B&BW because I will be tempted into getting more candles. I think I will try to explore other candle brands this year. The B&BW ones can get too cloying, even though they smell amazing at first. My mom yells at me all the time because the whole house ends up smelling, and she thinks candles are poison, LOL.

  4. That Dior blush is gorgeous! Good buy. I love the delicate, pretty embossing details in this collection. I really want Perlé after seeing it on Temptalia, but I'm not sure if it'll still be available anywhere!

    1. I actually think you'll have a good chance on still getting your hands on Perle! Just check your closest Dior counter, and if they're sold out, ask to see if they can call other Dior counters for you!

    2. I picked up Perlé the very next day! I'm excited to try it! I'm going to wait until my nails have repaired a bit.

    3. So I've tried Perle on top of a few different polishes and LOVE it on top of lighter shades (looks great on top of Porcelaine, actually!) but hate it on top of darker shades (makes the polish look oddly dirty). And I actually like it with a shiny top coat over it instead of keeping it matte because it lets the iridescent shimmer show up better. :) Have fun experimenting!

  5. That Dior blush is definitely a stunner...and I'm still contemplating picking up Porcelaine. Your pick-ups posts always kill me, I always feel like going shopping afterward LOL

    1. LOL! I always feel the same way after reading haul posts or watching haul videos. I just wanna buy ALL THE THINGS afterwards.

      Porcelaine is a nice option if you like pale blue, but if you have dupes at home (and you're not a sucker for these shades like I am), then you could probably skip it and spend the $24 elsewhere, lol.

  6. I've purchased some Caudalie sets of skincare recently and I am looking forward to trying them. I hear so many great things. I'm trying to behave and not open them until I'm finished some of the skincare in my rotation. And PS... you're making me want those Dior lipsticks.

    1. I've loved all the Caudalie products I've tried so far, so I hope you have good luck with yours, too! :) What'd you end up getting?

      The Dior lipsticks are WORTH IT. :D

  7. Love the booties!

    1. Thanks, girl! Been wearing them everyday since I got them, lol. I am gonna destroy these boots by the end of winter, I just know it. :P


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