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Sunday, January 26, 2014
I don't normally post about my big family dinners here (I'll usually put some photos up on Instagram instead), but we had our last family dinner of the Year of the Snake this evening, which is a very important tradition for us, so I actually brought my camera with me this time. We went to my grandma's favourite restaurant for family banquet dinners, Crown Jewel. Some snapshots of our feast:

Roast suckling pig with hoisin sauce

Deep-fried shrimp and crab ball with Chinese mustard

Shark fin soup with bean sprouts

Braised dehydrated oysters and scallops with black moss and romaine

Jumbo prawns with asparagus

Steamed chicken with Chinese cabbage

Fried rice with fish roe, egg whites, and ginger

Deep-fried dumpling in broth

Lychee and goji berry gelatin and flaky lotus seed paste pastry

Chinese dessert soup with longan, papaya, red dates, and snow fungus

This isn't really a review or anything, just a food snapshot post. Now we have to spend the rest of the week cleaning the house to prepare for the new year. So excuse me while I go scrub my toilet and bleach my tub. 

What are some of your annual traditions? Do you do anything to prepare for the new year (lunar or otherwise)?

Crown Jewel Fine Dining
325 Bamburgh Circle
Scarborough, ON M1W 3Y1
(416) 502-2888
6 comments on "Crown Jewel Fine Dining"
  1. Yum everything looks so good!

    1. It was super-tasty, even the gross-looking oyster and scallop course, LOL. I don't always have the time to go to these big family dinners so it's a real treat when I can go. :)

  2. Guess that texture shot of the seafood ball didn't make the cut? ;)
    I just finished my post and was about to hit publish!

    1. LOL, no, I was totally contemplating putting it in JUST FOR YOU but then I thought it ruined the "flow" of the photos (which is one per course). :P Glad you got the texture shot in, though, LOL.

  3. as usual delicious. i miss having my big family chinese set meal banquet dinner things SO much. i usually do them for the cny, mid autumn and for my grandmas bday. ugh..if only i were home..
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. They are rather glorious! I think I'd really miss them too if I hadn't been to one in a long time. I usually only make it to the important occasion dinners, like the ones you listed. My grandma likes to get the family together every couple of months for a dinner like this one (maybe not quite as extravagant), but I rarely make it to those due to work, so this was a real treat for me. :) Hope you get to go to a banquet dinner soon!


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