Sunday Video Love: Toes

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lights was chosen to replace Metric as opening act for the Canadian dates of Paramore's Self-Titled Tour, so I saw her performing live a couple weeks ago at Air Canada Centre. When her first single, "Drive My Soul," was a released several years ago, it got some radio play on the Canadian stations and on MuchMusic, but I didn't particularly care for the song, so I didn't really pay much attention to her after that. I think I just sort of wrote her off as another AutoTuned pop star. But when I saw her live (performing six months pregnant, too!), my mind was sort of completely blown. You can hear her true singing ability; her voice is gorgeous, powerful and lush, and yeah, she really can hit all those damn notes. I respect the fact that she also writes and produces all of her songs, too. Her music has matured quite a lot over the years and while she did play a couple songs from her first album, the majority of her setlist was from her last album, Siberia, which still synthpop but is a little darker and grittier with some dubstep influence. I thought I'd shine some light on an indie artist that I actually think deserves a lot more attention, so here's one of my favourite songs from Siberia.
2 comments on "Sunday Video Love: Toes"
  1. I don't know many Lights songs, but I like this one!

    1. I didn't know many Lights songs before, either! I guess because she's on an indie label, she doesn't get as much attention as many other artists in the same genre. But I love this song, and her album Siberia is awesome! You should also check out "Flux and Flow" -- much deeper with a heavier base, amazing beat.


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