Pick-Ups & Deliveries: December 2013 — End of Year Haul

Monday, December 30, 2013
Well, folks, this is officially the last haul post of the year. Surprisingly, I didn't do nearly as much Boxing Week shopping as I thought I would, partially because I just didn't have the patience to actually check out stores and partially because I did a ton of shopping just before Christmas, but mostly because the sales just weren't that great this year. I think people did so much shopping on Black Friday that retailers just didn't want to risk ordering that much more stuff for Boxing Day for fear that they wouldn't sell through their products. So, actually, this haul isn't technically post-Christmas haul, it's more like "everything I got after my last haul post" haul.

Bath & Body Works Spring St. Sweet Shop Collection 3-Wick Candles in Pineapple Cream Puff, Honey Cinnamon Crumb Cake, and Lemon Drops

Bath & Body Works Winter Market Collection 3-Wick Candle in Merry Mango, Travel Body Lotion in Amber Blush, and Lambie Shea-Infused Lounge Socks

It all started with the candle sale at Bath & Body Works during the week before Christmas. I know I already bought quite a few candles during Indigo's Black Friday sale, but Bath & Body Works had a 3 for $33.50 sale on all their 3-wick candles and I had a coupon for 30% off any $30 purchase, so I could not resist (it ended up being three candles for $23 after tax!). They came out with a ton of new "spring test" candles right before Christmas, too, which enticed me even more because I'm not really fond of their winter scents. I ended up getting three from their Spring St. Sweet Shop collection: Pineapple Creampuff, Honey Cinnamon Crumb Cake, and Lemon Drops. I'm typically not one for gourmand scents, but I fell in love with these ones for some reason. Then, my Secret Santa gifted me a Merry Mango candle (this is my favourite scent from all the new releases, but they were all sold out of it during the sale), plus a mini Amber Blush body lotion and a pair of super-cute lamb shea-infused lounge socks. 

Bath & Body Works Body Lotion in Country Chic, Cashmere Glow, Japanese Cherry Blossom, and Be Enchanted

Janetta also e-mailed me a coupon for a free body lotion from Bath & Body Works, with no purchase necessary. The flaw in the system here is that you don't need to print out the coupon; you can just show them the coupon through your phone. I assume it's one per customer but the coupon code is the same on every coupon and they don't take your information down, so there's no way for them to keep track of who's received or used the coupons. So I ended up going into the store two different times to get two free body lotions, and then I sent both my mom and my friend Suzie to get me two more free body lotions. Because I have no shame.

Lush Christmas Friends Gift Box

Lush Christmas Friends Gift Box contents: Bombardino Bath Bomb, Snowman Bath Bomb, Melting Snowman Bath Melt, The Magic Wand Bubble Bar, Father Christmas Bath Bomb, and The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar 

Lush Mr. Punch and Angel's Delight Soaps and Cinders Bath Bomb

My delightful friend, F., who works at Lush and already gifted me with loads of goodies on my birthday last month, spoiled me some more for Christmas. I told her how much I've been loving the Christmas bath stuff that Lush came out with this year, so she surprised me with a Lush Christmas Friends Gift Box, which includes their Bombardino Bath Bomb (my favourite — smells like lemon cupcakes!), Snowman Bath Bomb, Melting Snowman Bath Melt, The Magic Wand Bubble Bar, Father Christmas Bath Bomb, and The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar. Seriously, I'm set for all my bathing needs for the next two years. And then on Boxing Day, I went into the Lush store to see what they had left of their Buy One, Get One Boxing Day sale (the only sale they ever have), and though they were sold out of pretty much all their Christmas stuff, I managed to grab a couple slabs of Mr. Punch and Angel's Delight soaps, which ended up being about $9 total. And since my other Lush friend, A., was working that day, he also gifted me with an extra Cinders Bath Bomb that he had stashed away, 'cause he's nice like that.

The Body Shop Body Butters in Brazil Nut, Shea, and Coconut

The Body Shop Body Butters in Honeymania, Vitamin E, and Papaya

The Body Shop Shower Creams in Brazil Nut and Coconut, Almond Hand & Nail Cream, and White Musk Body Butter

The week before Christmas, The Body Shop was having a crazy online sale where every single item was 50% off, and when you spent $75, you also got a full-size hand cream of your choice (along with free shipping). I like Bath & Body Works for their candles, but I've always liked The Body Shop more for their actual body products. I just think their products are more effective and better quality, and I generally like their scents more. Plus, they're cruelty-free and way more eco-conscious. So, I took the opportunity to stock up on body butters, which are my favourite products from The Body Shop, and ended up getting seven: Brazil Nut, Shea, Coconut, Honeymania, Vitamin E, Papaya, and White Musk. I also snatched up two of their Shower Creams in Brazil Nut and Coconut (amazing for dry skin in the winter), and picked the Almond Hand & Nail Cream as my freebie 'cause I spent over $75. 

Formula X for Sephora The X Look Nail Color Gift Set

I also got the Formula X for Sephora The X Look nail polish gift set from another Secret Santa, which includes nail polish in Dark Matter (black cream), Atom + Eve (ruby red glitter), Bond, Ionic Bond (iridescent champagne glitter), and Mr. Positivity (emerald green glitter), plus two ASAP Accent nail appliqués in black-and-red geometric and black-and-gold art deco. Finally, I received cash from my relatives, and a pair of black Aerie Boyfriend sweatpants (I always complain that no one makes pajama bottoms with pockets for women, so he got me these instead) plus dinner reservations to Sassafraz from Edward. All in all, a good ending to the year, me thinks. 

So, what did y'all get for Christmas? Did you find any good Boxing Week deals?
12 comments on "Pick-Ups & Deliveries: December 2013 — End of Year Haul"
  1. LOL at no shame. Hussy.

    I decided to stop stockpiling bath stuff because my bathroom is going into a revolt and I've been too lazy to put on body creams lately.

    I LOVE TBS's Brazil Nut and Shea scented things! But that Almond Hand Cream was too light for my liking (finished a small tube this month) and I was DISAPPOINT.

    1. I figured that I buy so much damn shit from BBW that I deserve some free body lotions, okay?! Those are limited edition anyway, so they're just gonna get rid of them... (This is how I'm justifying my greedy hoarding ways.)

      See, I don't really mind stockpiling on bath/body stuff because I go through it the fastest (seriously, I've used up THREE body butters from TBS in the past three months). I can't be lazy to put on body cream because my skin is so dry that it'll get super itchy if I don't. :(

      I've been using the Almond hand cream more so when I'm at work 'cause it's lightweight but isn't greasy. And I don't mind the mildly sweet nutty smell. (I would've gotten the Hemp one, as I think it would help repair my hands better, but it also smells pretty awful.) I do think it's more suited to warm weather than right now but I don't mind it. Plus, I got it for free, lol!

    2. I like the almond smell too and agree the hemp smells like ass. It has a much better texture though as you suspected.

    3. Yeah, I agree, I used to use the Hemp one AGES ago. It's okay, I like using my Glysomed one when I need repairing. It's the only thing that helps my eczema. The almond one is just nice to keep in my purse, lol. I can't complain about free shit. :P

  2. LOL Denise. At least it's all bath and body stuff and not really makeup, so I think you're good.

    1. RIGHT? That's how I'm justifying it, too, 'cause I go through one of those Body Butters every month. (Seriously.) I figure I have enough until summer, and then I can switch to lighter body lotions, lol. And I know I really shouldn't have bought more candles, but they were so cheap, I couldn't resist. :P But I'm on a candle ban now. I have like, 30 candles to go through, I'm NOT ALLOWED to have anymore.

  3. My friend sent me the coupon for the free B&BW lotion, but the 2 locations she tried to redeem it at, they required you to show it on your phone through your e-mail as proof that it was sent directly to you. So, no free lotion for me!

    1. I was sneaky I actually had a screenshot of the coupon in the e-mail so it looked legit, lol! Although, to be fair, I have a friend that works at B&BW and when I was about to show it to her, she was like, "Oh, no worries, I've already memorized the code." That's how I even knew that it was the same coupon that was sent out to everyone. :P

    2. Ooh, that's smart! Will have to keep that trick in my back pocket for future use. ;) Did you have to fake the "from" address?

    3. Haha, the "from" address just says "Bath & Body Works Canada" LOL.

  4. Yea, I think you're justified here Denise, no makeup and I saw how many body product empties you just had, so you really do use the stuff like crazy! I wish I could find a great organic moisturizer on the cheap so I could moisturize more frequently - my dry, eczema-prone skin could use it but all the ones I've found are so pricey I find myself using them sparingly. My plan is to pick up more coconut oil and use that because it's like $12 but lasts AGES.

    1. Haha, I thought I did pretty well with the no-make-up thing, too. :P I know the Spring collections are gonna roll out soon, so I'm saving for that, lol!

      And yeah, I go through body creams like crazy! I don't think I've ever really used an organic one and the Body Shop's Body Butters work well for me, so I just use those. I can't NOT moisturize because of my dry, eczema-prone skin, otherwise I get super itchy and flaky and scaly skin. :( But the coconut oil seems like a great option!


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