Weezer: Live at Downsview Park — El Scorcho

Monday, July 15, 2013

This is the video I took of Weezer at Downsview Park on July 12, performing "El Scorcho" from their 1996 sophomore album, Pinkerton. In general, Pinkerton didn't sell well at the time of its release, especially given the success of Weezer's first record, and their first single from the album, "El Scorcho," failed commercially as many radio stations refused to play it and it wasn't popular on MTV. But "El Scorcho" has achieved cult status over the years and remains a fan favourite to this day. The song, named after a packet of hot sauce from a Mexican fast food restaurant, sounds like they were drunk during the entire writing and recording process, but if Weezer's good at one thing, it's having really memorable lyrics filled with zingers and witty one-liners. And what's more memorable than a love song that starts with, "Goddamn you half-Japanese girls, do it to me every time"?
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