The Body Shop: Bag for Life Haul

Saturday, July 20, 2013
Since the arrival of Bath & Body Works in Canada a few years ago, I've sort of neglected all other body products stores. My stop at Fruits & Passion last month was really the only deviation I made, and it's what made me re-think my body beauty shopping habits. I think the major reasons why I stuck to Bath & Body Works for the last few years are their better and more frequent sales, and their insane amount of candles. I like Fruits & Passion but find their prices to be a little too high to shop there on a regular basis, and The Body Shop got really boring because I used to shop there so much when I was younger. But I decided to check out The Body Shop again after ignoring it for many, many years, and everything that I got bored with years ago suddenly became new and exciting again (funny how fickle the mind is). Their online shopping site usually offers a promotion of sorts, but the day I checked it out was a particularly good one that I couldn't ignore: Buy a Bag for Life for $5, get 50% off your entire purchase. Uh, stocking up!

Bag for Life

Banana Shampoo for $4, Aloe Calming Toner and Seaweed Clarifying Toner for $6.25 each, Brazil Nut Body Scrub for $10, Absinthe Purifying Hand Butter for $10, Shea Lip Butter for $3, and Moisture-Boost Gloves for $6.50

Shower Gels in Vineyard Peach, Sweet Lemon, and Olive ($4 each!)

Limited Edition Body Butters in Vineyard Peach, Papaya, and Blueberry ($10 each), and Satsuma (Jumbo for $15!)

Body Butters in Shea, Aloe, and Olive ($10 each)

Bath Lilies ($1.50 each!)

I've always loved The Body Shop's Body Butters but stopped buying them because they were way too expensive at $20 a pop. But with a 50% discount? You know I'm buying a year's supply! I'm especially excited about the Papaya scent; it's limited edition now, but that was my favourite scent back in the day when it was apart of the permanent range and just a sniff of it makes me nostalgic. Another nostalgic item? Banana Shampoo! I can't believe this stuff is still around because I remember using it as a child — like, seriously, 20 years ago. I also picked up a couple toners (the Aloe one on recommendation from Liz, and the Seaweed one because I remember loving it back in the day), a Brazil Nut Body Scrub in hopes that it'll help with the bumps on the back of my arms (and also because I love the Brazil Nut scent), their new Absinthe Purifying Hand Butter that I fell in love with when I tried it in-store (it's intensely hydrating but surprisingly fast-absorbing, and the sweet-grassy smell of it kills the scent of smoke really well), some moisture gloves because my hands are eczema-prone and really dry and I need all the help I can get, a Shea Lip Butter to use as my new overnight lip balm (their other lip products are garbage, as far as I'm concerned), some shower gels in fun scents, and a bunch of their Bath Lilies because The Body Shop makes the best shower poufs in the world — they create the richest, lushest, most dense foam from any shower gel and never feel harsh or scratchy, ever (yes, Shoppers Drug Mart, I'm looking at you).

Consider this my return to The Body Shop. (And the unexpected loophole to my Bath & Body Works ban.)
10 comments on "The Body Shop: Bag for Life Haul"
  1. Great haul!! I love The Body Shop. I always have, but really got a chance to try their products when I worked there for a couple of years during university. They've changed a lot, but nice to see they've kept most of the favourites (and bring the others back for a limited time. Papaya is also my favourite body butter!) Agreed, their bath lilies are the best. They're the only ones I'll use. Fairview recently had a 50% off one-day sale in preparation for their store reno. I stocked up on my HG Cocoa Butter body scrub!

    1. I really don't know why I stopped shopping there, to be honest! They have amazing quality products in great scents and are really much more eco-conscious. I think when Bath & Body Works came into play in Canada, it was such a novelty, and more people tend to rave about their products. I mean, to be fair, I only ever really buy candles and anti-bacterial products there, but I always checked them out 'cause they always brought in new products. I think The Body Shop always carried the same products for the longest time that nothing was ever really super exciting. But they re-vamped A LOT over the years, kept some great classics and added a lot of new favourites. :)

      The Brazil Nut Body Scrub is AMAZING. And smells just like waffles, lol. May need to check out their other scrubs. :) So glad you got to pick up some things at their sale!

  2. You know I like The Body Shop quite a bit, but this is the first time I'm hearing about the superiority of their bath lilies. Feels like I've been missing out! lol

    I got that Lemon shower gel for $4 and called it a day, because your haul is basically what I wanted to haul, more or less. Now if they can just amp up their makeup game...

    1. OMG, Liz. The superiority of their bath lilies is UNREAL. You need to pick one up ASAP. I think the reason why I switched back to the drugstore ones is because they were $6 each back in the day. But they're $3 regular price now, which is the same as SDM, anyway, so you might as well go nuts.

      See, I don't think it's that their make-up is necessary bad or anything, it's just not exciting. Nor is it marketed well. It's the same with MAC, ya know? Like, MAC's known more make-up and not skincare. I should really pick up some of The Body Shop's make-up products one day, if it's on sale or something. Just to see how it is...

    2. I was invited to some fall makeup launch thingy and said I'd stop by, so we'll see if they have something interesting coming up. I have to admit to not being very tempted by what they currently offer. Packaging has more to do with it than anything else, because I have heard good things about their makeup.

    3. Fair enough! Do let me know about the fall stuff. Their make-up can't be that bad if they're still carrying it, right? :P

  3. Man...I've been so, so well-behaved (aka boring) with my purchases lately because I have absolutely NO extra funds for it, and this wicked-awesome haul puts me in a VERY precarious mood - as in, I wanna go spend a ton on some fun stuff!! LOL. Though I too, got bored of the Body Shop over the years, there is no doubt they've got some good stuff - have fun playing with your treats Denise! You're gonna be smellin' so gooood :D

    1. LOL, well, to be fair, I probably wouldn't have had a crazy shopping spree at The Body Shop had they not had a 50% off promotion going on. :P I'm actually really enjoying all the products I've tried out so far, though! I do agree, I am smelling rather delightful these days, LOL.

  4. Sick with the flu and have an exam but can always rely on you for some entertainment. I heart you! Let me know how the toners are.

    1. Will do! I haven't opened the toners yet, though, 'cause I still have two bottles to go through, lol. I just like stocking up, you know. :P

      Get well soon, girl!!! And good luck on your exams! I miss you!!! <3


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