Sunday Video Love: Burn

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Oh, look, my girl crush came out with a new single (and, goddamn, how hot does she look in this video?). This song took some time to grow on me (it's more electro house-based, like her song with Calvin Harris), but now I can't stop listening to it because it is so ridiculously catchy. Though the song is co-written by Goulding, it was originally demoed a couple years ago by Leona Lewis, who didn't end up releasing it on her album, but I think Ellie's voice lends a fragile, ethereal warmth that contrasts better with the synth beats. It's a good thing I don't listen to the radio, because I'm sure it's already playing on rotation every hour.
2 comments on "Sunday Video Love: Burn"
  1. She opened for Bruno Mars and she killed it! I love her 'talking' voice -- so raspy.

    And I honestly wasn't a huge fan of this song until I saw the video. I guess sometimes you just need some visuals to really dig something.

    1. I LOVE ELLIE SO MUCH IT'S UNREAL. I would've gone to that concert, but I'm not huge on Bruno Mars and thought the tickets were too expensive, especially considering that I saw Ellie last fall at The Sound Academy for a fraction of the price. :P But yes, her voice is SEXY. Sometimes, I watch her interviews on YouTube just to hear it, 'cause I'm creepy like that.

      I totally agree. I don't think I would've liked this song as much if I just heard it on the radio or something. It's because Ellie is a hot bitch. BUT, I do think this song grows on you. I wasn't a huge fan of "I Need Your Love" at first, either, but now I find I play it quite a lot. I don't love these two songs as much as I love her other work from Bright Lights or Halcyon, but there's a time and a place for EDM. :P


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