Friday Five: High School Music

Friday, July 5, 2013
This week's Friday Five:
  1. What song, album, or artist, disliked by you in high school, now sounds pretty good? Björk and Radiohead.
  2. What specific high-school memory do you have of discovering some song, album, or artist you considered old? I was watching Fight Club for the first time with Janetta when we were 14 or 15, and "Where is My Mind?" by The Pixies starts playing near the end of the movie. I had never heard the song before that, and when I first listened to it, I thought it was such an fitting, poignant song for the film. I picked up Surfer Rosa shortly after that, but I still think of Fight Club when I hear it to this day.
  3. What song or album best serves as the soundtrack for your senior year of high school? (Bonus challenge: Answer this question with a different song or album for each year of high school!) I can do one better, and actually list multiple albums that served as soundtracks for me throughout all my years in high school:

    • Grade 9 (2000 - 2001): 
      • Finger Eleven — The Greyest of Blue Skies 
      • Deftones — White Pony
      • Foo Fighters — There is Nothing Left to Lose
      • Incubus — Make Yourself
    • Grade 10 (2001 - 2002): 
      • Thursday — Full Collapse
      • At the Drive-In — Relationship of Command
      • Grade — Headfirst Straight to Hell
      • Poison the Well — Tear from the Red
      • From Autumn to Ashes — Too Bad You're Beautiful
      • Rival Schools — United by Fate
      • Jimmy Eat World — Bleed American
      • Taking Back Sunday — Tell All Your Friends
      • Glassjaw — Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence
      • Incubus — Morning View
      • System of a Down — Toxicity
      • Staind — Break the Cycle
    • Grade 11 (2002 - 2003): 
      • Sparta — Wiretap Scars
      • Alexisonfire — Alexisonfire
      • Thursday — Five Stories Falling EP
      • Glassjaw — Worship and Tribute
      • Finch — What It is to Burn
      • Coheed and Cambria — The Second Stage Turbine Blade
      • Codeseven — The Rescue
      • Atreyu — Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses
    • Grade 12 (2003 - 2004): 
      • Thursday — War All the Time
      • Alexisonfire — Watch Out!
      • Deftones — Deftones
      • The Distillers — Coral Fang
      • Pretty Girls Make Graves — The New Romance
      • Brand New — Deja Entendu
      • Death Cab for Cutie — Transatlanticism
      • AFI — Sing the Sorrow
      • The Ataris — So Long, Astoria
      • Yeah Yeah Yeahs — Fever to Tell

  4. What's a song, album, or artist from your high-school years you loved then (and might still love) but have great difficulty listening to now, and what's the reason? Pretty much all the hardcore rock stuff, like The Bled, Poison the Well, From Autumn to Ashes, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Blood Brothers... Like, how did I listen to all that goddamn screaming?
  5. What song, album, or artist from your high-school years, seemingly forgotten nowadays, do you still listen to with fondness? I feel like a lot of the albums I listed above are seemingly forgotten nowadays, and I do still listen to a majority of them. Some others that I would add to that list: Tegan and Sara's If It Was You, The Cardigans' Gran Turismo, Hole's Celebrity Skin, Frou Frou's Details, Our Lady Peace's Spiritual Machines, Silverchair's Neon Ballroom... The list goes on and on... 
2 comments on "Friday Five: High School Music"
  1. Totally reminded me of my undying love for the YYYs and Frou Frou!

    It's funny, The Fight Club used to be one of my all time favourite movies and I don't remember the Pixies song in it at all. It was totally electrifying to hear it in an episode of Veronica Mars though.

    1. It makes me sad that Frou Frou only came out with that one album, 'cause it was so, so, so good. I think Imogen Heap is so much better in Frou Frou than she is as a solo artist!

      I love the YYYs, but wasn't impressed by It's Blitz! (as compared to Fever to Tell and Show Your Bones). I haven't heard Mosquito yet, but will download it soon!

      That Pixies song is SO EPIC in Fight Club! It starts playing at the end, when the whole building explodes and collapses around him. Maybe I pay more attention to these things 'cause I'm so obsessed with soundtracks. Like, it can often make or break a film for me. :P


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