Friday Five: Bureaucracy

Friday, July 19, 2013
This week's Friday Five:
  1. The last time your answer was "no," what was the question? "Do you have this weekend off?" The answer is "no" about 95% of the time. Weekends are the busiest days of the week for make-up artists.
  2. What's a rule in your life that just doesn't make any sense? I can't go to bed without showering first. It's a little ridiculous, because I'll end up taking a shower at 4:00am, even if I'm exhausted. It's a weird OCD thing I've had since I was little.
  3. What were the professional or personal circumstances surrounding your last passing of the buck? I actually had to look up what "passing of the buck" meant, because I had never heard of that saying before. I wonder if this is strictly an American phrase? Anyway, I gathered that it's basically blaming another person or group for something that is your fault. Honestly, I consciously try not to do that, because I like to take full responsibility of my own actions. I find a big one in the my industry is blaming a client for a make-up mistake. But I learned quickly: Never blame the client, blame your skill.
  4. What's an annoying bit of paperwork you have to do with some regularity? Usually business productivity and personal finances. Being an adult sucks sometimes.
  5. In some places, employees are entitled to regular smoking breaks. Whether you smoke or not, what would be another thing you'd love to take a fifteen-minute break for, every few hours? I'm a smoker, so smoke breaks are pretty essential. Like, I don't even know what non-smokers do on breaks. Maybe a make-up shopping break? That'd be pretty awesome, actually.
2 comments on "Friday Five: Bureaucracy"
  1. "Like, I don't even know what non-smokers do on breaks. Maybe a make-up shopping break?"

    Usually coffee breaks. But having worked in an office building connected by an underground path directly to the Eaton Centre, makeup shopping break was very much a regular thing! :>

    1. I don't really think of coffee breaks 'cause I always bring coffee with me in a tumbler from home, so I constantly have coffee with me, lol. I feel like when I have a 15 minute break, I don't wanna do anything but smoke and drink coffee. Like, make-up shopping would require a lunch hour for me. :P


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