Sunday Video Love: I Knew You Were Trouble

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Okay, I don't listen to the radio so I'm usually quite ignorant about Top 40s, but it's gotta be said that I like a lot of Taylor Swift's songs... as long as they're covers. It's the weirdest thing, because without fail, I always like covers of Swift's songs more than the original recordings. It's not that her voice is terrible, but it's not particularly memorable, and the recordings are always painfully Auto-Tuned (plus, I'm generally not fond of that country twang, however subtle it may be). But there are just amazing interpretations of her songs out there, and when I was looking up Lindsey Stirling's videos, I found this lovely cover of one of the most overplayed songs of 2012 (with Tyler Ward and Chester See, two amazing singers/YouTube sensations who also happen to be quite easy on the eyes...).
2 comments on "Sunday Video Love: I Knew You Were Trouble"
  1. Yea, this is great Denise! I actually admit to liking the original (though not at first...but it wore me down lol), but this version is awesome and so much more nuanced! Good find :)

    1. Not gonna lie, I totally downloaded T-Swift's RED album and do like a select few songs, but I always find that I enjoy the covers more, lol. I'm such a sucker for acoustic, though. :P Glad you enjoy it!


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