Estée Lauder Warehouse Sale — Summer 2013

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
It's that time again — yes, the Estée Lauder warehouse sale! Steph is now obsessed with them since I took her to her first one a few months ago, so she went with me to the summer sale last Friday.

Origins Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser, Ginger Cloud Smoothing Body Balm, and Ginger Gloss Smoothing Body Oil

Origins Soufflé Trio

By now, you probably know my slight obsession with Origins. And Origins at a seriously discounted price? I cannot resist. Since I had already stocked up on a lot of Origins skincare in April and May, I only got a select few items. The only skincare product I picked up was the Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser (for $12 from $24!), since my skin gets really oily during the summer. The rest of the items I picked up were body products: a bottle of Ginger Cloud Smoothing Body Balm for $15 from $27.50, a bottle of Ginger Gloss Smoothing Body Oil for $12 from $25 (I've fallen in love with this stuff since I bought it at the last sale), and their Soufflé Trio (which includes 125 ml jars of Gloomaway Grapefruit Body Soufflé, Smoothing Soufflé Whipped Body Cream, and Ginger Soufflé Whipped Body Cream) for $30 from $47. I wished that they were offering their "Buy one, get one free" deal again on the Origins sets like last time, but alas, no such luck. Had that been the case, I probably would've bought like, four of those trios.

Smashbox Shades of Fame Eye Palette

Smashbox Shades of Fame Eye Palette (inside)

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara, Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara, Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara, and MAC Steamy Nail Lacquer

Okay, so I typically avoid buying make-up items at the warehouse sales because I have way too much make-up as it is, but I eyed this Smashbox eyeshadow palette (from their Summer 2012 collection) at the last sale (which I had convinced Steph to buy) and passed it up then, so I was like, "Okay, if it's at the sale this time, I will grab one." And of course, they had tons of it there, and it was on sale for $25 from $48. So I couldn't resist. It includes nine beautiful summery shades of smooth, buttery, pigmented eyeshadow, plus two shades of Cream Eye Liner, an eyeshadow brush, and a mini Photo Finish Lid Primer. God knows I do not need another palette, but it's so damn pretty. I also picked up three mascaras for $12 each: Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara (originally $22), Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara (originally $19), and Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara (originally $28.50). And I completely bypassed the $5 MAC grab bags this time around because I already had all the products that were in them (and I do not need multiples of anything that isn't absolutely a must-have), so I just left with the free gift, which was MAC's Steamy Nail Lacquer.

God, these sales are like crack.
6 comments on "Estée Lauder Warehouse Sale — Summer 2013"
  1. Awesome deals! You, my dear, are a palette whore. (I was one but am trying to change!) I didn't know/forgot Smashbox was Lauder-owned. Their palettes are always super tempting, but I don't like the ones that aren't super slim and sleek.

    1. LOL, I really am a palette whore... I give love to all my palettes, whether slim and sleek or fat and awkward...

      But, yes, Smashbox was acquired by Lauder a few years ago, around the time I left SDM (it was big news in the cosmetics world, lol). For some reason, Smashbox has never been one of those MUST-HAVE brands for me, but their products have always been great. Their eyeshadows are really quite underrated, I think. A lot of people go to Smashbox for the primers, but their colour cosmetics are really gorgeous -- very pigmented and smooth. I rarely ever buy their products, especially now that I don't have a discount, but how could I resist a palette that was 50% off...? And those colours are beaaauuutiful!

  2. You have amazing taste. There will never be a warehouse sale for such brands in Norway. Excuse me while I go and mope in a corner :(

    1. Haha, aww, thanks! I think after so many years working in cosmetics, I just know what I'm looking for now, you know? :)

      And the reason for all these warehouse sales is because Estee Lauder's factory is in same city. So don't be sad, it's just Toronto, really. :P

  3. At first, reading this I feel like 'dammit why don't we have these warehouse sales!' but then I realize 'good god...I would be in the poor house if we had these warehouse sales' lol. You're right - they are like crack and I'd be totally SOL if I had this option...! All things considered , you did quite well I think ;)

    1. LOL! Yes, consider it a blessing that you don't have these warehouse sales. :P Although, to be fair, I've learned to really restrain myself now. I think when you initially go to these sales, you wanna buy everything because it's all discounted by 40 - 70% and you think of all the savings, but after the novelty wears off, you don't buy stuff you don't really need. And as the years go by, the deals are getting worse and worse. I remember when you could buy a bulk pack of MAC Wipes for $2!!! For a while, I didn't go to any of these sales but I mostly go now just to see if they have any really good deals.

      But thanks. :) I'm quite happy with these purchases!


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