Buffalo — Summer 2013: The Cheesecake Factory

Thursday, June 13, 2013
Dear Cheesecake Factory,

Chicken Marsala and Mushrooms

Mango Key Lime Cheesecake

I love that your menu is infinite and that I can close my eyes, pick any random item, and know that it will be tasty and enjoyable and come in an insanely huge portion that can probably feed one large and incredibly hungry man, two average adults, or three or more children (probably six if said children are from a third world country). I love that your strawberry lemonade is equal parts sweet and tart and incredibly addictive, encompassing all that is glorious about summer, and comes in a delightfully sugar-rimmed glass that is bigger than my head and will likely cause diabetes if it is consumed in its entirety. I love that the chicken Marsala and mushrooms has not one but two chicken breasts that are so soft that they must've been tenderized for days, mushroom slices that are so big that they must've been altered with hormones, and bow-tie pasta that is perfectly coated with not-too-thick-but-just-rich-enough Marsala wine sauce that makes me think that what I'm eating isn't two million calories even though the portion size indicates otherwise. I love that the mango key lime cheesecake, with its light fluffy mango mousse and tart key lime cheesecake and sweet coconut macaroon crust, makes me feel like even leaving a single bite despite feeling full-to-bursting would be blasphemous. My only question is, why have you not expanded into Canada yet? I promise we can be just as fat and gluttonous as our American counterparts.

The Cheesecake Factory
Walden Galleria
1 Walden Galleria
Buffalo, NY 14225
(716) 685-2600
5 comments on "Buffalo — Summer 2013: The Cheesecake Factory"
  1. LOL!!!

    Is this a petition for them to enter Canada? Cuz I'll sign it in blood if it helps!

    1. Can you tell that I've been watching True Blood? Hahaha.

    2. LOL! I don't know what the hell is taking them so long to expand into Canada. Like, really, it's not like there's no market for it here. :P I had heard rumours that they wanted to open one at Yorkdale... but haven't heard of any plans of execution. People would be more inclined to go to Cheesecake Factory instead of Rainforest Cafe, though, that's for sure!

      Haha, I'm thinking of getting back into True Blood, but it was already getting so ridiculous that I'm wondering if it's worth it. :P Are you on the latest season?

  2. I gave up on Soookeehhh and Beyhlll a LONG time ago. They were introducing too many characters and subplots at once and it got to be a little overwhelming for me.


    1. I totally agree with you -- True Blood has kind of lost its appeal for me after they added too many story lines. Got a bit too convoluted.

      OMG. Mary, get thee to a TCF immediately!!! Like, ASAP!


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