Sunday Video Love: Erase/Rewind

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I'm sort of back in a '90s music phase right now, which all started with me looking through my iTunes catalogue to make a travel playlist and pulling up The Cardigans' Gran Turismo album (yes, I like non-grungy '90s music, too!). It's an album that I started listening to in middle school and would play obsessively on and off for many years. I hadn't listened to it in a few years now, and I'm telling you, it's still just as catchy and relevant as when I first listened to it. Many people really only know The Cardigans for "Lovefool," but Gran Turismo is, in my opinion, their best album to date and also the most unique for them in terms of sound. It's a darker, more electronic-based sound, with a sort of trip hop feel to it, and "Erase/Rewind" is still my favourite track on it. It's like no matter how many times I've listened to this, I just can't get sick of it. I know it's trite to say this nowadays, but seriously, they just don't make music like this anymore.

On that note, I will be in New York for the next five days. Be back on Thursday!
4 comments on "Sunday Video Love: Erase/Rewind"
  1. I remember this but really loved Lovefool back in the day. :)

    Have fun in NY! Can't wait to see your disgusting haul when you get back, LOL.

    1. Lovefool is a classic, for sure, and it's on one of my favourite soundtracks of all time (Romeo + Juliet), so I will always have an appreciation for it, but the percussion and bass of this song are so good -- it leans more trip hop, which I love. :)

      Haha, thanks! I had a great time... until I ran out of money. LOL. Haul posts are coming! And yes, it is rather disgusting... :(

  2. AHHHHHHH THIS SONG!!! I totally loved this back in the day, and I'm going to go download it again right now, good call Denise!! And have a freakin' amazing time away my dear!

    1. Haha, you're so welcome. You need to get this WHOLE ALBUM. So, so, so good. It's very laid-back, more lounge-y. Very good chilling music. :)


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