Paramore: Live at Sound Academy — Brick by Boring Brick

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This is the video I took of Paramore at Sound Academy on May 13, performing "Brick by Boring Brick" from their album, Brand New Eyes. This was the last song of the night, during their encore. Though it remains one of their most successful singles to date (the number of covers of this song on YouTube alone proves that) and was incredibly overplayed at the time of its release (the official video for it is probably their most expensively produced), it is still one of my favourite songs from Brand New Eyes. It's very different from their other songs, both lyrically and musically — more dramatic and theatrical, it's written from a mostly third-person narrative about a dark world in which there's a sense of longing for innocence and fairy tales that will never happen. There's also an harder edginess to the sound; as Rolling Stone put it, they put in some "unexpected Smashing Pumpkins-style sonics into the mix." A wonderful song to end off their show with, compete with an epic sing-along and exploding confetti.
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