MAC Temperature Rising: Powder Blushes

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Today, MAC released a new collection in stores called Temperature Rising, which is their major colour launch for Summer. It is inspired by "a sensual, seductive rooftop society [that] comes out to play... where a rare breed of seduction emerges from the sultry heat of the day.... Bathed in neon, high on glamour, the look of polished penthouse perfection shimmers against a glowing skyline... The scene sizzles with glistening bronzed perfection." Temperature Rising is comprised of two parts, Colour and Face, which consists of a total of 26 products across two displayers. This collection sees the release of two shades of Powder Blush, both of which are new and limited edition. They come in special edition bronze rubberized packaging with matching secondary cardstock boxes. Each blush contains 6 grams of product and retails for $27.50.

Hot Nights and Ripe for Love

Hot Nights and Ripe for Love

Hot Nights is a medium-dark bright raspberry pink with a soft sheen in a Frost finish. This is a new and limited edition shade. The texture is soft, silky, and finely-milled, and goes on smoothly and evenly. It has intense pigmentation and opaque colour pay-off. It can be layered easily, but due to the high pigmentation, it takes a bit more work to blend out well. It is warmer than Rhubarb (PRO), more pink than Salsarose (PRO), brighter and more pink than Breezy, darker and more reddened than Whole Lotta Love Pro Longwear Blush. 
Ripe for Love is a medium coral-orange with a soft sheen in a Satin finish. This is a new and limited edition shade. The texture is soft, silky, and finely-milled, and goes on smoothly and evenly. It has high pigmentation and opaque colour pay-off. It can be layered and blended out easily. It is darker and more orange than Melba, darker and more coral than Peaches, and brighter and less brown than Cantaloupe (PRO).

Though the hot pink and peach combo is nothing new (see: Archie's Girls), MAC did a good job of amping them up for Summer, and I think they work really well with the colour theme of the collection in general. Hot Nights is a gorgeous blush on darker skintones (perfect for those who get extremely tanned in the summer), and the intense pigmentation will show up well on the the darkest complexions. However, for those who are fairer, a very fluffy brush (preferably a duo-fibre, like MAC's #187) and an extremely light hand are recommended, unless you are going for the clown cheeks or streaky '80s look. Ripe for Love is perfect for everybody; it's finely-milled so that lighter skintones can blend it out if needed (the more you blend, the more glowy it looks), but it's very pigmented so darker skintones can layer it to get it to look brighter. A great option for those who want an orange blush that leans coral (or a coral blush that leans more orange!). Both stunning shades for Summer, and in lovely smooth, pigmented formulas to boot! 
12 comments on "MAC Temperature Rising: Powder Blushes"
  1. I was tempted by Hot Nights but decided to skip it as I have too many blushes. I hope I won't regret it :)

    1. I don't think you'll regret it -- MAC has come out with similar shades before, and probably will later on this year. If you ever stop by a PRO store, Rhubarb and Salsarose are good permanent options if you are ever looking for similar shades. :)

    2. Thank you for the tip! I do have Rhubarb. Time to go dig out my blush palette and give it some love.

    3. Yes, bust out Rhubarb! If you have Gold Deposit MSF, it looks gorgeous lightly dusted on top. :)

    4. I always look at Gold Deposit MSF and as pretty as it looks, I don't know how to use it. So I've never bought it :)

    5. My favourite way of using it is with a duo-fibre brush (e.g. MAC #187) and buffing it on cheeks. Beautiful on its own and on top of a brighter blush, especially on darker skintones!

    6. Sounds good. I shall try that out one day. I'm still working on making my skin smoother so once it gets there, I'll treat myself to Gold Deposit. I don't have the 187, strangely. I have the 188, which I bought like 3 years ago. I tried out the 109 recently and it buffs foundation beautifully though doesn't beat the 182 (thanks to you!)

    7. Fair enough -- Gold Deposit (MSFs in general, actually) does accentuate skin texture a bit, so definitely take care of your skin first. :)

      The #188 works well, too; the #187 is just bigger, lol. I like it because it disperses product better, but either will work well! I still loooove the #109 for buffing foundation and powder, but the #182 definitely does the job more efficiently! :)

  2. I think that I am finally - FINALLY - satiated in my peach/coral blush love. Thank you, MAC Fairy, for facilitating that! Ripe for Love is gorgeous but I wouldn't pay the LE price for it. I can still admire these but don't feel the need to own.

    1. Haha, you're welcome, Liz. ;) I'm glad you have satiated your peach/coral blush love, because MAC is coming out with a collection next week called "All About Orange" and there are three gorgeous peach/orange blushes coming out with that, including a re-promote of Immoral Flower, which is one of my favourites (it came out with Tres Cheek)!

      I agree that the LE price is pretty steep, but I think I would've splurged on this regardless of discounts and whatnot... the quality is on par with Tarte and NARS, which are more expensive, anyway... But Ripe for Love is especially gorgeous to me. This will replace Cream Soda (from Archie's Girls) as my go-to peach blush for summer. :)

  3. Another one of the items I wanted from the collection, Ripe for Love - but as stated, I missed it :( I might have tried harder if I'd see better swatches - here it looks so much more pigmented than it seemed in other photos so I thought it would be too light. Ah well, there's always something else fab around the corner, right!?

    1. Haha, ohhh, MAC makes sooooo many collections, there will always something new and exciting and fabulous coming out!

      Ripe for Love IS seriously gorgeous, though, like a lovely papaya shade. I feel like NARS Gilda might be a good replacement shade, if you are looking for something similar! :)


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