Wild Wing

Tuesday, April 2, 2013
I hadn't seen my friend, Cynthia, in about four years (we went to university together eight years ago), so we decided to meet up for dinner tonight. After much debate and discussion, we both agreed to go to Wild Wing since neither of us had had wings in a while. And what better place to catch up with an old friend than over wings?

Pickled Willys

Gar Par Wings

Ever since I saw Liz's post featuring her photo of deep-fried pickles, I have been curious to try them. So when I saw that Wild Wing offered them as an appetizer, I was like, "We must order these." And Cynthia was down to try them, so we did. And now I wonder how I had gone so long without ever having had deep-fried pickles. It's genius, really. Pickles help expand your appetite, but deep-fried foods do the opposite. Put them together, and it's the perfect appetizer! You get the fattening, crunchy satisfaction of deep-fried batter and the crisp tartness of a pickle all in one bite! These ones are served with a cool creamy dill dip that mellows out the briny flavour of the pickle, as well. Oh, man, I'm drooling just thinking about these...

On Tuesdays, Wild Wing offers a pound-and-a-half of wings for the price of one pound ($10.99), so it was really meant to be. The wings menu initially reminded me of All Star Wings, but what Wild Wing does better is that they offer enough flavours to satisfy everyone's cravings without being overwhelming, and their menu actually includes a small description of what each flavour is. After asking for recommendations for something that wasn't too spicy or sweet, Cynthia and I decided on the Gar Par wings, which is essentially garlic and parmesan. They are super flavourful but not overpowering, and are creamy but not a dripping mess. The meat itself was soft and fall-off-the-bone tender. They are absolutely, positively delightful — but not for anyone who can smell your breath afterwards. 

Wild Wing
9408 Highway 48
Markham, ON L6E 0N1
(905) 209-9464
8 comments on "Wild Wing"
  1. Sooo, I used to be addicted to Gar Par but have recently ventured out in the GP family. There's one called Some Beach which is Gar Par + Buttermilk Dill + Medium Buffalo sauce. Sweet Escape is Gar Par + Honey Garlic. It's like, Gar Par 2.0....sooooo goood!

    1. LOL, I love that you're such a Wild Wing connoisseur! I am seriously intrigued by Some Beach now. Buttermilk dill? WHAT! Sounds SO GOOD. Ahhhh, so hungry now. :(

  2. Oh, fuck. Here I am reading your blog at 1am. Hungry! What's new? lol

    I'm so glad to hear that these fried pickles were good. The ones at Harlem were disappointing because the batter was really bland and they came out kind of lukewarm. (But there was only one guy in the kitchen making everything for a packed restaurant, so... eh)

    I freaking love wings. I think that this Wild Wing is the same one that put me into the best food coma ever a few years ago. I still dream about that.

    1. Lol, it can be dangerous to read my blog when you're hungry... :P

      I feel like I could be a deep-fried pickle connoisseur... if only I knew where to get them, lol. Know any other places that serve them?

      LOL! I wonder how I went so long without ever trying Wild Wing. I was always going to St. Louis for my wing fix, and while I love them, they do have a limited amount of flavours... On the other hand, All Star has way too many flavours. So Wild Wing is just right. :)

    2. I think fried pickles are more popular now but can't remember where else it's at. Was it not at the Ex during their fry-everything food events??

    3. I think it might've been at the Ex, actually... but I couldn't find them, otherwise I would've ordered them. :( Maybe this year, if the Ex is still around...

  3. I've never been to Wild Wing, but I LOVE All Star Wings!! Funny thing is, with all the flavours they offer, the only one that appeals to me is the traditional spicy kind. Totally not adventurous at all!

    Fuck, now I'm craving wings and fries and stick toffee pudding as well as apple pie with vanilla ice cream and it's all YOUR fault.

    1. Have you been to Duff's? They specialize in spicy wings! I can't handle a lot of heat, so I like places like Wild Wing that offer a lot of non-spicy options. :P See, I used to go to All Star Wings all the time, but I find their menu TOO extensive and they don't have any descriptions of the flavours, either, so you basically have to ask about each one... It's such a pain in the ass. :P

      LOL!!! Dunno where the craving for sticky toffee pudding comes from, but now I'm craving it 'cause you mentioned it. :(


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