Sunday Video Love: Candide

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Die Mannequin is probably my favourite local band, and one of the more successful indie post-punk alternative bands from Toronto (they've opened for Sum 41, Marilyn Manson, and Guns N' Roses). I started following their career about seven years ago, when you could only listen to their music by streaming it through their MySpace page. (Actually, Janetta and I used to see Care play with her band at tons of local shows when we were in high school, which is how we even knew that she had started Die Mannequin years later.) I totally didn't realize Die Mannequin had released a new EP last summer, maybe because I had stopped listening to hard rock for a while, but I recently downloaded Danceland, and they're just as sleazy, grungy, and oddly catchy as ever.
4 comments on "Sunday Video Love: Candide"
  1. Oddly, I feel like I've heard this band before somehow, though I don't recognize the name. Would they be on CBC Radio 3 ever, you think??

    1. Oh, it's very possible, actually! I don't listen to radio, so I can't be sure, but they are an indie local band, so it wouldn't surprise me if they got play on CBC Radio...

  2. Lol at "sleazey, grungy." I enjoy this type of music a lot but never really get into buying albums or downloading songs. I'm the cheapo that just relies on YouTube 99% of the time now.

    1. That's okay, as long as the music's getting out there, right? I mean, we should support indie bands when we can because they gotta eat, too, but honestly, I feel like the most important thing for them is just being heard.

      You should look into YouTube to MP3 converting. :)


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