Still Into You

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My pre-order for Paramore's new self-titled album became available for download literally half an hour ago. I am beyond excited right now, as it's been nearly four years since they came out with a new album (what with Tegan and Sara, and now Paramore... what other bands are going to come out of the woodwork this year?). While I am currently on a Paramore high, I could not resist posting this video here. To coincide with the release of their album today, they posted up their official video for their latest single, "Still Into You" (I posted the lyric video here a couple weeks ago). I literally love everything about this video — from the pastel walls to Hayley's two-toned hair to the bedroom full of cakes to the rhinestone-studded bicycles to the fireworks to the row boat in a sea of blue balloons. (I swear I'm not on acid.) You can't watch this and not be in a good mood after. On another note, I have also discovered that my ultimate dream in life is to do Hayley Williams' make-up. Just once. And I can die a happy make-up artist.
6 comments on "Still Into You"
  1. I had no idea who Paramore was until last night but I watched them perform this song on an episode of Graham Norton which I watched last night. Thought it was really catchy and enjoyed it a lot! Going on the list of 1000 songs to DL eventually, lol!

    1. Haha, I watched that exactly same episode of Graham Norton on YouTube. :)

      I think I'm always surprised when people don't know who Paramore is, because they're so mainstream to me now. But I guess you wouldn't know them unless you listened to that pop-punk-rock genre... (They did, however, do that song for the first Twilight movie, which is what really skyrocketed them into popularity.)

      Do you have a YouTube to MP3 converter? It turns YouTube videos into MP3 files, which you can transfer to your music player. :)

    2. I don't know why Graham gives Tom Cruise the royal treatment. Cruise is such a boring robot.

      And I watched the first Twilight but don't remember the music at all. That whole movie was kind of a blur, lol.

      I tried a converter that didn't work for some reason and just didn't have time to mess with it again. What's a good one?

    3. Haha, I'd never heard of Graham Norton until I saw Paramore performing on it, lol. I still haven't watched any interviews, so I'm not sure what his style is, but I'm not big into Tom Cruise, either way, lol.

      The song wasn't really in the movie, it was played when the credits started rolling. I had downloaded the soundtrack on iTunes before the movie was out, so I sort of familiarized with the music first... Not gonna lie, I downloaded the soundtrack BECAUSE Paramore announced that they had a song on it... Likewise with the second soundtrack, because Metric had announced they wrote a song for it, LOL. Even though I thought the movies weren't that good, the soundtracks are fantastic! Great indie music. :)

      The converter I use is MediaHuman, which I've been using for ages. I love it, it's fast and efficient and simple, and it downloads right into a playlist on my iTunes, so all my songs are catalogued for me. Highly recommend!!!

  2. Denise, thank you so much for introducing me to this song!! I never would have thought I'd like something by Paramore (granted... I don't think I've ever heard something of theirs before this) but this is my new favourite! I've listened to it over 10 times since last night. I feel so happy and energized when I hear it. It'd make a good workout song. Going to pass on the love!

    1. I'm so glad you love this song! I guess it depends on what type of music you normally listen to; if you aren't big into pop-punk/alt-rock, you probably wouldn't listen to Paramore to begin with, lol. But, yes, it's such a happy, upbeat song -- perfect for working out (if I ever worked out, this would definitely be on the playlist, lol!). Their whole album is great, though, so definitely check out some of their other songs. :) Yay!


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