Purdy's Chocolatier

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Once in a while, when I'm really craving sweets, I'll go to Purdy's and get a bar of their English toffee or a little bag of chocolates if I'm feeling particularly decadent (usually a Hedgehog truffle, a Himalayan pink salt caramel, and a piece of dark chocolate crystallized ginger). Recently, they've introduced French macarons as a part of their in-store collection, with six signature flavours and another six seasonal flavours. They get their macarons shipped from Paris every few days, but they seem to be selling like hot cakes because they're always nearly sold out. When I went in this afternoon, they had five flavours left, so I chose two pistachio, and then one each of raspberry, chocolate, vanilla, and lemon. They're not the best (that honour still goes to Ladurée), but they do the job when the craving hits with crisp shells and flavourful creamy centres (the raspberry is especially lovely with a raspberry jam filling complete with little seeds). The pistachio wasn't as authentic as I'd like, but they still have a decent nutty flavour. My favourite from this selection was, not surprisingly, the chocolate. (What do you really expect from a chocolate store?) They're slightly smaller than the typical macaron, but they're also cheaper at six for $10.50. Still, considering that Purdy's is a chocolatier and not a bakery, these are actually surprisingly good. And, best of all, they're available at the mall!

Purdy's Chocolatier
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6 comments on "Purdy's Chocolatier"
  1. I'll have to stop at Purdy's the next time I'm at Union Station. Was thinking of going for macarons at Petite Thuet soon. :)

    1. Yes, get yourself some macarons AND chocolates. NOM!!!

      Where's Petite Thuet?

    2. Yonge/King, so maybe I'll stop by both places at one shot. LOL

    3. LOL! Seriously jealous. I was just looking at Petite Thuet's in-store menu. I NEED TO VISIT THIS PLACE. Maybe on our next meet-up, we can stop by here... :)

      Speaking of which, let me know when you wanna meet up again!

    4. When are you in NYC again?? I'm thinking of going later this month but it's totally up in the air right now. Maybe some time in June!

    5. I'm going to NYC on Sunday! Guess who is gonna spend all her tax return money there? :P

      You should definitely make a trip to NYC. :)


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