What's in My Bag?

Thursday, March 28, 2013
I've been watching a ton of these "What's in My Bag?" videos on YouTube lately because I'm clearly a nosy git with too much time on her hands, and while I don't make videos, they made me want to do a post of my own. It's been just over a year since I last did one of these, so I figure it's about time to do a new one. You know, in case you guys are nosy gits, too.

I have this old, beaten black leather Marc by Marc Jacobs shoulder bag that I kind of use exclusively these days. I don't know what the model is called anymore because I got it a few years back (mostly because it was 50% off at one of Holt Renfrew's Friends & Family sales), but I like it because the leather is really soft and also because of the large stud detail that ruches the leather in the center. It's kind of ugly overall, but it's served me well. I do have some nicer (e.g. less grimy) bags, but I find that this bag holds a ton of stuff without looking too big and I don't feel bad for dumping it on the ground and basically treating it like crap. I also use this because it's a shoulder bag. I've realized that even though I love the look of satchels, I like using bags that I can hang comfortably on my shoulder. It's super annoying to hold a purse by your wrist when you're out and about and trying to hold things or reach for things. No one seems to mind this except for me, but I like both of my hands to be free when I'm shopping or smoking or getting coffee, you know? 

Okay, moving on... What's actually in my bag?
  • Keys (and way too many key fobs)
  • Cigarettes
  • BIC lighter
  • Apple iPhone 4S
  • Apple iPod Classic 160GB (for my car)
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs cosmetics bag
  • Hello Kitty Mimobot USB flash drive
  • Excel Peppermint mints
  • Advil Liqui-Gels
  • Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel
  • Orbit Sweet Mint gum
  • Fresh Sugar Lychee Eau de Parfum (100 ml)
  • Hello Kitty facial tissue
  • Muji black gel ink pens
  • Miu Miu wallet
  • Nikon 1 J1 camera (not pictured, obviously)

And in the cosmetics bag?
  • MAC Blot Powder in Medium Dark
  • MAC Dame Edma compact mirror 
  • Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens
  • Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15
  • Visine Contact Lens Dry Eye Drops
  • MAC Fix+ Finishing Mist
  • Crabtree & Evelyn Avocado Olive & Basil Hand Therapy
  • Bath & Body Works Fresh Picked Hand Cream in Tangerines
  • Tweezerman travel-size slanted tweezers
  • Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in 50 Rivage and 52 Fétiche
  • YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick in 29 Rose Opéra
  • MAC Lipsticks in Faux, Lady Danger, Embrace Me, Silly, and Heroine
  • MAC Pro Longwear Lipstick in Love Forever!
  • MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Korean Candy
  • MAC Mineralize Rich Lipsticks in Posh Tone and Lady at Play
  • MAC Archie's Girls Lipsticks in Daddy's Little Girl and Betty Bright
  • MAC Archie's Girls Lipglasses in Strawberry Malt and Kiss & Don't Tell
  • MAC Cremesheen Glasses in Double Happiness, Floating Lotus, and Richer, Lusher
  • MAC Lipglass in Viva Glam Nicki 2
  • MAC Lip Pencils in Redd and Magenta
  • MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in More to Love

Clearly, I never learned how to minimize... And I still have a lip product addiction...

So, what's in your bag?
6 comments on "What's in My Bag?"
  1. It wouldn't be your bag if it didn't have 100 lips products in it!! :-P

    You have such colourful stuff! And how cute is your USB key??!??? Me wants!

    P.S. Would it be weird to request a swatch of those Muji pens?? I forgot to test them out when I visited NY last year.

    1. Lol, touche, Mary, touche. ;)

      I think because my entire wardrobe is black, I make up for it by carrying lots of colourful things. :P Haha, I love that USB, too. I bought this one a few years ago, but they have a lot of super-cute options now. :D

      LOL, yeah, I can swatch the Muji pens for you. I'll tweet it. :)

  2. I definitely mind having a bag I have to hold on to - I'm a huge fan of the cross-body, I have two that I use exclusively.

    That Mui Mui wallet - FABULOUS! I haven't owned a wallet in years (all my stuff is in a little wristlet) but I would cave for that. Totally sexy.

    I can't get over how many lippies you have in there, lol!!! I might carry two at a time, max. I'm really boring when it comes to these kinds of things, because I always clear out my bag every day and I don't carry a makeup bag. I KNOW, right!? The only things always in there are my wristlet, a hand cream (Glysomed), and my sunglasses (Joe Fresh...for now). The end. Well, both bags have blotting papers, a small mirror, and a mini Benefit gloss too for emergencies (lol). Then, that's it. Really!

    1. I've been looking for a good cross-body bag! I have an old L.A.M.B. for LeSportSac one that I got years ago, but I usually only use that when I'm at concerts. I want a nice leather one for everyday use. Or maybe a shoulder bag that can be converted into a cross-body one. Marc by Marc Jacobs has a few good options. I think I'll look for one when I go to the States. :)

      Haha, thanks, I love that Miu Miu wallet. It was my big splurge when I went to NYC last Spring. :)

      LOL, I always carry a TON of lip products with me. It's like a security thing or something. But I don't clear out my bag all the time, maybe like, once a week? Just to update my lip products, lol! I actually love Glysomed, but I only use it before I go to sleep because it's so thick and greasy. However, it's the only thing that works when I have eczema on my hands.

      And weirdly enough, I don't wear sunglasses very often! It's because they always hit my eyelashes (this is what happens when you have really long non-Asian lashes and a very short Asian nose, LOL), so when I'm wearing mascara (which is always), all my lashes get completely crooked. So basically when the sun's out, I squint while driving. So dangerous, lol. It sucks 'cause I have a really nice pair of Dior, and I only wear them when I'm not wearing make-up. Which is rare. :P

      LOL @ emergency lip gloss.

      It's good that you don't carry a lot, actually. I weighed my bag and it's about six pounds, LOL.

  3. I'm totally a nosy git. This is great!

    I've always suspected that your purse was mainly full of makeup but all those lippies - hahahahahaha!! I start to get nervous about losing my makeup bag if I carry more than 4 lipsticks and feel like it should be insured somehow.

    1. LOL, glad you enjoyed. :) I love reading/watching these type of posts/videos. So addictive...

      Haha, you know me and my lippies! It's a problem, really. Like, seriously, my bag weighs like, six or seven pounds. I might as well be carrying a bowling ball. I've actually been thinking about getting my make-up collection insured... I mean, it's worth more than my car, and I have car insurance...


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